Provincial Standing Committee Yang Yue and his entourage visited AoGrand Group to inspect the production work

During the prevention period, the municipal party committee, and the provincial party committee were very concerned about the key prevention and contro


2020 03/04

Go all out to fight against the epidemic, Go through thick and thin together

The pneumonia originating from a new type of coronavirus infection in Wuhan has affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of people across the countr


2020 02/18

Fair News | Congratulations on the successful listing of AoGrand on "ZhongChuang Board"

On December 16, 2019, with the resounding gong, AoGrand Group Inc. was officially listed on the "Zhongchuang Board", which became another important milestone in


2019 12/20

Fair News | The 25th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair is in full swing

After many mouths of careful preparation, Jiangsu Haoguang Group has arranged exquisite booths using the company′s finest products. The exquisite appearan


2019 10/21

Fair News | The 25th Yiwu International Commodities Fair officially opened today

The 25th Yiwu International Commodities Fair was officially opened from today. After nearly two months of careful preparation, all our preparations have been co


2019 10/21

Fair News | See you at the 25th Yiwu Fair and the 126th Canton Fair

In October, this harvest season, AoGrand Group also ushered in a new business year. Later this month, AoGrand Group will attend the 25th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair? and the 126th Canton Fair.


2019 10/14

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of China

In the autumn of October, in the joy of the harvest season, in this twenty-first century tenth fall, once again we ushered in a grand festival -- 70th anniversary of the founding of the national day celebration, china, china god chau as cheerful as a lark


2019 09/29

Memories of the 125th Canton Fair

The president of AoGrand Group, Ivan said that the Canton Fair is one of the most influential exhibitions in the world and has greatly promoted global trade. AoGrand Group has seized this high-quality platform and actively explored the global market to sh


2019 09/17

Fair News | The 25th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

Established in 1998 and share-hold by Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd (Shanghai Stock exchange code 600415), Yiwu International Commodities Fair Co., Ltd (short for Yiwu Fair Exhibition) is specialized in organization and service of exhibit


2019 09/17

Fair News | The 126th Canton Fair is coming, we will wait for you!

Hello! The 126th China Import and Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou on October 15. We will fully devote ourselves to the preparation of Canton Fair before Canton Fair. At present, the sample preparation and brochures are ready. We inform you that our


2019 09/12

Fair News | Let's meet at the Wellington Home & Garden Show 2019 in New Zealand!

Wellington Home & Garden Show 2019 is one of the most remarkable show that is related to the field of home and garden industry. This event will be held for a period of three days in Wellington, New Zealand.


2019 09/11

Six products of AoGrand Group have obtained China Environmental Labeling Product Certification

A few days ago, our company's six types of products have obtained the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. These products are mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid, hard surface cleaner (including powder), fabric detergent (including po


2019 08/08

News of AoGrand Group in July

A few days ago , AoGrand Group participated in the selection of Top 100 in China's chemical industry . After a week of online voting , we finally ranked fourth in total number of votes and succeeded in the selection of Top 100 in China's chemical indust


2019 07/19

CLEACE Professional tips for removing tough laundry stains

We all own a favorite piece of clothing. It might be a dress, a shirt or a pair of jeans. We also know what if feels like to get a stain on our favorite items, or even worse, a favorite item of a client.


2019 07/18

Fair News of Aogrand Group From 6.17 to 6.28

At the 1st of International commodity fair?Moscow, Russia, which ended in mid-June, AoGrand Group achieved good results, and customers from different countries all over the world made product purchases during the commodity fair.


2019 06/29


At The Trade Week-Kenya, AoGrand Group has achieved unexpected success when we are honored to meet many delegations from all over the world. AoGrand Group not only had a chance to meet up with potential customers and introduce our products, we also have s


2019 06/24


From the 21th to the 22th of May,2019, AOGRAND GROUP was present at the PLMA 2019 fair, which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Being able to attend to a European well known fair is always a big opportunity to show our product range.


2019 06/03

How to choose your own air freshener?

Everyone should have an air freshener, which belongs to their favorite fragrance, so that they can bathe in a harmonious and soothing fresh atmosphere and have a good mood whole day.


2019 05/27


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