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AoGrand Group is a CE, GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified company. And been honored with “Creditable & Sincere Company”, “AAA Level Quality Creditable Company in China”, “Company with Good Credibility in Jiangsu Province” by National Ministry of Agriculture and National Development and Reform Commission.
Many of the production standards executed by AoGrand are among the highest ones in the industry. In Addition, AoGrand has originally created theory of “QUALITY CONSUMER PRODUCTS SUPPLIER”, ensuring the products not only abide by static standards but also meet the requirements of present market and potential consumers. To improve consumer’s satisfaction, AoGrand controls the products quality strictly by planting “QUALITY CONSUMER PRODUCTS SUPPLIER” in products standards, recently, entrusted by the authority of the industry. AoGrand has independently or cooperatively formulated various national industry quality standards, which makes AoGrand have a autgoritative voice in the world.
We have the strict quality control procedures in our products. The first step is certainly the quality control in the packing materials. Every packing materials arrived our warehouse we have the QC people to do inspection on it, and if not reach the standard, we will not accept and ask the supplier to supplement the unqualified packing materials again. Secondly is the quality control of the work site. All production of all products we have our special inspection people to inspect the quality during the production. Thirdly, after the production, we also inspect the finished products to ensure the loading goods are well to delivery to our customers. Also we will leave some samples in every production.
We have our own products with our own brands, but if our customer have their own idea about the market, give us the idea only, we will based on our experience, develop the special formula which suits for your market.
We have our professional designer to design the packing for you, according to the characteristic which you want your products have. In the production, we hold the total quality control during the production.
We provide the promotional policy for you to win more market share.
Aftermarket, we provide you the best aftermarket service, any questions about our products when goods arrival, contact us, we will give you the best solutions