Aerosols OEM/ODM Services

AoGrand Group specializes in design and manufacture of aerosols based solutions for a variety of markets. Our Aerosols OEM and ODM services cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services. We have a provincial-level certified R&D laboratory to develop innovative aerosol products every year and provide OEM/ODM services.

AoGrand provides customers with the customized aerosol products, whether on the formulation, specification, ingredient, fragrance type, active matter, packaging material, or label printing - resulting in time savings and cost optimization by minimizing margin stacks throughout the value chain.

Manufacturing Capacity

Over 30,000,000+ square meters of factory space, along with more than 1,000 staffs and the latest manufacturing equipment enable us to provide Aerosols OEM and ODM services. The aerosol factory has dozens of fully automatic, production and filling integrated equipment. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

We produce sprayer products such as insecticide sprays, air fresheners and other aerosols in the aerosol factory. Different specifications and fragrances of aerosols can be produced here. The high-quality materials of the spray cans can maintain the stability of the pressure in the cans. All of these ensure the product quality and production capacity of aerosols - the annual output of 100 million bottles per year.

Safe and Portable Aerosols

Air fresheners are made of non-toxic formula, with natural, fresh, and long-lasting fragrance. The products can quickly capture peculiar smell, decompose harmful gas, and purify indoor air.

Insecticide sprays, made of a unique formula based on prallethrin>1.5%, kill insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, centipedes, and flies on contact, with 360 hours highly effective protection for one bottle.

Shaving foam & gel are very soft and full, good for creating a thick lather. The shaving cream spreads easily across the face and rinses clean. Shaving foam & gel ensure cut close to the root of the facial hair while preserving the smoothness of skin.

All purpose aerosol cleaners and foam cleaners, made of high-efficiency formula, can easily dissolve and remove all kinds of stains. It is suitable for multiple materials, including tiles, glass, metal, plastic, and applicable to carpet, glass surface, toilet, bowl, bathroom, oven, and so on.

Car care cleaning products with strong removing ability are made from imported raw material with special formula. Sticker remover can remove sticky substance from the surfaces of vehicle windows, vehicle bodies, and paint film, and the residual adhesive paste of self-adhesive paper without any damage to the surfaces.

OEM/ODM Services

AoGrand offers a wide range of customized aerosols for personal care and household applications. We analyze the functional, budgetary, and other requirements of your project to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable solution, whether modifying an existing product according to your needs, or building an entirely new unit for you.

OEM Services

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services pair your blueprints and designs with AoGrand's manufacturing capabilities to make your aerosol products a reality. AoGrand will work with you to discuss the project's needs including product specification, ingredient, fragrance type, active matter, packaging material, project budget, and proposed delivery schedule. Based on the result of discussion, we manufacture prototype aerosol products for your various purposes. Once the OEM project is validated, we confirm production and delivery timeline, and move on to mass production of your aerosol products.

ODM Services

Original design manufacturer (ODM) services utilize your product ideas with AoGrand's design and manufacturing capabilities. Our design team and R&D team will capture all the needs of your ODM project requirements including product specification, regulatory compliance, aesthetic design, and production schedule. The project team will draft the blueprints for the project and build prototype aerosol products for you. Once validated, our team will begin production of your ODM aerosol products based on your demand forecasts and adjust as needed.

International Cooperation

AoGrand is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. The Aerosols OEM/ODM services are available worldwide. Since 2010, we have provided OEM/ODM services for many countries such as Italy, America, Russia, Belgium, Portugal, and so on. Our aerosols have been exported to over 100 countries and regions around the world, which are particularly popular with customers in European and American markets. We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours.

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