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Distributor System
Exclusive Distributor is our current important policy for our regular clients. For ensure the delivery on time and do not delay the production arrangement because of waiting for deposit for several days, when you become our exclusive distributor, we can prepare all purchase and production once we receive your confirmed order. After sight of the B/L copy, pay the full payment.
The requirements to distributor of my company:

1. With independent legal person units,can provide the perfect legal business tax legal person qualification and other related documents. If it is personal distribution, need to provide personal identification information.
2. Have a certain financial strength,with distribution capability(vehicles, staff), have a fixed place of business, while a good business reputation and social relations.

3. Have a certain or better customer resources. Currently operating FMCG distributor priority.
4. Recognized the company's brand management and business model, there is a strong willingness to cooperate, can actively promote product marketing.

Preferential policy to distributor of my company:

1. Brand support: Free use of my company's trademark.
2. Data support: Get free product publicity pictures, leaflets, business cards, and other industry information.
3. Promotion support: During the promotional activities, according to the proportion of the amount of the order and promotion of the company's agreement to get free gifts.
4. Price support: If the price of raw materials increase, we will give the distributor a certain price incentives or keep original price.

We are family rather than cooperative partner.