About AoGrand Group

The China’s leading consumer products manufacturer

Established in Nanjing in 1992, AoGrand Group is the China’s leading consumer products manufacturer for nearly 30 years. AoGrand is also the prominent chemical solution provider and it continuously leverages its expertise in chemical engineering to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.

Now AoGrand Group has global sales and marketing team of nearly 1,000 employees, and owns a 700,000 m² modern new and comprehensive daily chemical factory including a series of independent factories. Besides, its Nanjing headquarters has more than 400 staffs and modern office space of tens of thousands of square meters.

With the rapid development of e-commerce in China, AoGrand Group, the cGMP certified company, became the largest e-commerce company in Gaochun District in 6 months. Equipped with global service team of more than 600 sales support staffs and offices in more than 10 countries worldwide, AoGrand Group is well positioned to meet the customers’ needs and ensure business success of partners anywhere and anytime.

Production Capacity

Production capacity of over 200 kinds of products.

The highly automatic equipment and advanced quality control progresses give AoGrand the capacity to provide customers high-quality products and full OEM/ODM services. All control points are operated by computers, which can stabilize product quality and production capacity of over 200 kinds of products.




Bags of WIPES per day


Tons of WASHING POWDER per year


Tons of LIQUID DETERGENTS per year


Boxes of MOSQUITO COILS per year


Bottles of AEROSOLS per year

R & D Center

National High-Tech Enterprise

Hand sanitizer, wipes, washing powder, aerosols, dishwashing liquid, mosquito coils and other products are developed in professional and first-class scientific R&D laboratories, with dozens of industry experts focusing on R&D, process management, and quality inspection. And the co-establish laboratory with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is established to carry out all-round scientific research cooperation, promoting continuous product updates and iterations.

Our production base covers an area of nearly 700,000 square meters with advanced production equipment and highly automatic assembly lines. We apply international quality production process and strictly control the ratio of raw materials through data. Each process is strictly implemented in accordance with high standards. Moreover, our international quality control management system perfectly combines modern science and technology with traditional production technology. So our product quality far exceeds international standards.

Our Brand Products Lines

Professional On Marketing and Manufacturing

AoGrand currently owns many major brands, including CLEACE, JOBY, BUBUBEAR, ARROW, MYSTIC ORCHARD and IWASH. Among them, the ACE HAND SANITIZER CLEACE has become the No. 1 export brand of instant hand sanitizer in China and the No. 1 import brand in the United States, which is also rapidly deployed on the online e-commerce platforms. By utilizing its expertise in sanitizers, detergents, mosquito coils, soaps, baths, shampoos, air fresheners, diapers and sanitary pads, the Group has expanded not only its capabilities into the manufacturing of personal and household care products, but also penetrated the global markets, spanning North America, Africa and Asia.

Internationally recognized certificates

Rich overseas export experience and complete qualifications.

AoGrand Group is a CE, EPA, cGMP, GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified company. The company was granted the certificate of "Leading Enterprise in Jiangsu Province Daily Chemical Industry". AoGrand’s popular brands - CLEACE, JOBY, MYSTIC ORCHARD and ARROW - were selected as internationally renowned brands by the Department of Commerce in September 2020.

AoGrand Group, as the Leading Enterprise in Jiangsu Province Daily Chemical Industry and a national key prevention material production enterprise, has been committed to charitable donation, social welfare, and school-enterprise cooperation. Moreover, with a sense of social responsibility in traditional Chinese medicine area, AoGrand was also actively engaged in contribution to the cultivation of high-level talents.

To Be Our Partners

Join us, develop with us!

With a focus on marketing and sales, AoGrand is dedicated to championing MADE IN CHINA in the manufacturing process and serving as a best-practice model for Chinese enterprises. We seek cooperation from all over the world, to achieve mutual benefit and to create a splendid future together with our customers, distributors and partners. Join us, develop with us!


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