Wash Hands Every Day, Keep Healthy Forever!

According to the survey, Children's resistance is much lower than adults. So children are more susceptible to infection with bacteria. Experts pointed out that children should form the habit of washing hands with the proper way.


2017 09/08

Different Groups of People "Five Moments of Hand Hygiene"

At present, as medical staff, it is clear that hand hygiene is effective in preventing and controlling the transmission of pathogens and reducing the most basic, simplest and most effective means of hospital infection.


2017 09/07

The Right Way to Use Hand Washing Liquid

Now with the ubiquity of bacteria, hand washing liquid has become one of the must-have items. So how do you use hand washing liquid properly? The main function of hand washing liquid is to clean and protect skin. Some specific ingredients can be sterilize


2017 09/06

The Home Has Hand Washing Liquid, Wipe Out Hand Bacteria Clearly

The action of hand washing liquid is used when using hand washing liquid, people mostly have some misconceptions. A lot of people are afraid to wash dirty, so press a lot of hand washing fluid in hand, was at the time to rub, and repeated frequent use.


2017 09/05

What is Hand Washing Liquid?

Hand washing liquid has become an indispensable household cleaning product in life, and even children know to wash their hands with hand washing liquid before meals.


2017 09/04

How to Get Rid of Gum on Your Clothes?

Gum is a kind of snack that we eat regularly, chewing gum after meals and boredom. How to clean the gum is a problem in life, and there are often children who get gum on their clothes or hands, washing them with washing powder or soap.


2017 09/02

How to Remove the Stains on the Household Carpet?

Carpet is a kind of high-grade adornment shop floor material, have sound insulation, heat insulation, the antifouling effect to have household goods.


2017 09/01

Knowledge of Washing Powder

As a kind of consumer of People's Daily life, catharsis things undoubtedly has huge market at present, the family of fabric cleaning, nursing is a issue for consumers, on the selection and usage of household fabric detergent consumers tend to have a lot


2017 08/22

Why are Some Stains on Clothes Not to Be Washed Off?

In daily life, not all stains can be removed, some stains can't be washed out. We should pay special attention not to blindly try various methods, preferring not to stain or change the color of the clothes.


2017 08/21

How Do you Wash the Watermelon Juice on Your Clothes?

In summer, watermelon is also the first choice for people to quench their thirst. But children always leave watermelon juice on their clothes when they eat them, and how they can't be washed.


2017 08/19

How to Clean the Painting Pen Stains on Your Clothes?

Children play by nature, and when they are not careful, they always leave such a stain on their clothes. Mothers always get upset when they wash their children's clothes. Drawing is something a child loves, but how do you remove a paintbrush?


2017 08/18

How to Remove Ink Stains?

In daily life, you need to work to learn, you can't do without pen, clothes can accidentally run into ink, especially a new dress, when you encounter a lot of good mood.Don't worry.


2017 08/17

General Ways To Remove Stains

We encounter different types of stains every day, here are some common ones often meet and followed with rough removal methods which can help you understand the general way to get rid of the stains.


2017 08/15

How Do You Wash a Cashmere Sweater?

Because cashmere fiber is delicate and gentle, if not careful, can be damaged easily, so you need special care and care. Then how to maintain the cashmere sweater? How do you wash a cashmere sweater?


2017 08/15

How to Remove Tea Stains from Clothing?

Washing powder is our commonly used cleaning products, however, different stain method of use is different also, washing powder using the combination of the following methods for washing at the same time, in this way can we achieve decontamination effect


2017 08/14

How to Remove Juice Stains from Clothing?

It is difficult to remove clothes if they are stained with fruit juice. So you have to deal with it immediately. Otherwise, over time, the stain becomes a stubborn stain, and it's hard to clean it up.


2017 08/12

The Ways to Identify The Quality of Washing Powder

There is a lot of cheating on the market, and washing powder is no exception. This requires consumers to buy washing powder to clean their eyes, so as not to be cheated by fake products. Let me show you how to identify the quality of washing powder.


2017 08/11

Warning! We Got Fake Goods?

We are very surprised to find fake goods from our distributor feedback. They not only copied our packaging design but also the logo only has a single letter difference. In fact, genuine and fake goods at first glance, still very similar.


2017 08/11


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