Different Groups of People "Five Moments of Hand Hygiene"

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  • 2017-09-07
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At present, as medical staff, it is clear that hand hygiene is effective in preventing and controlling the transmission of pathogens and reducing the most basic, simplest and most effective means of hospital infection. To this end, the world health organization has released "five moments of hand hygiene" through a large number of evidence-based medicine studies aimed at standardizing and reducing the burden of infection related diseases at a time of hand hygiene. And the hand of the public health to prevent the happening of the disease and the cross infection also has a very important role, so "different populations of hand hygiene five times" do not only emphasize the hand hygiene of medical personnel but also emphasizes the general population of hand hygiene five times. As a manufacturer of hand washing liquid, now I'll share with you.


Five moments of hand hygiene of WHO medical personnel:

1. Before contacting the patient; 2. Before cleaning/sterile operation; 3. After exposing the body fluids of the patient; 4. After contact with patients; 5. Contact the patient's surroundings.

Five moments of hand hygiene:

1. Before and after eating; 2. Before and after the game; 3. After using the toilet; 4. Blow your nose; 5. Go home and wash immediately.

Five moments of hand hygiene in the general population:

1. Before and after eating; 2. Before and after use of public goods; 3. Before and after medical treatment; 4. Contact the eyes, nose, and mouth. 5. After going to the bathroom.


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