The Home Has Hand Washing Liquid, Wipe Out Hand Bacteria Clearly

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  • 2017-09-05
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The action of hand washing liquid is used when using hand washing liquid, people mostly have some misconceptions. A lot of people are afraid to wash dirty, so press a lot of hand washing fluid in hand, was at the time to rub, and repeated frequent use. In fact, such a deep cleansing can damage the skin, leaving the skin not only hydrated but also more likely to allow germs to invade. The main function of hand washing liquid is to clean and protect skin. Some specific ingredients can be sterilized and sterilized, such as e. Coli. Hand washing liquid is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, alkyl benzene sulfonate, etc., the principle of gentle decontamination is easy to be accepted by the skin. Hand washing liquid is mainly divided into three categories, one type is common hand washing liquid, one kind belongs to the disinfectant product, the other special kind belongs to heavy oil dirty hand washing liquid.


Generally speaking, it is enough to press one drop of hand washing liquid each time, and after rubbing the hand repeatedly, rinse the hand washing liquid with flowing water for more than 15 seconds. After drying your hands, it is best to apply protective ointments such as hand cream or vaseline to keep your hands moist. First, solid objects such as soap and soap are easy to be contaminated with dirt and bacteria and become secondary sources of pollution. The contact surface of hand washing liquid is usually only on the top of the bottle and is easy to clean, avoiding the possibility of cross infection. Second, hand washing liquid products composition diversity, the composition of hand washing liquid generally contain pure glycerin, aloe, seabuckthorn oil, vitamin C and other natural plant ingredients, using high-tech MNSH formula, moderate PH has reached the requirement of green products. Hand washing liquid nature of the product is a neutral, no phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, mild decontamination, easily accepted by the skin, especially contains aloe vera, seabuckthorn oil, vitamin C and other ingredients, can rival the skin have more deep moisturizing effect, although there are also some soap rival moisturizing function, but their effect is hand washing liquid. Third, the sterilization effect is obvious. The sterilization rate of the hand washing liquid for Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, etc., can be up to 90 %, no irritant to the human body, and no allergic reaction. Effectively protect your family and yourself from germs and disease. More practical. One, soap, soap and so on solid and slippery hand, the volume also is bigger, particularly unfavorable to a young child, old man clench, and hand washing liquid can avoid this problem. Secondly, hand washing liquid can be taken by hand pressure, just by pressing the pump head, the liquid flows into the palm of the hand, how much is mastered by oneself, easy to take, also easy to save. Thirdly, soap, soap and other products are easy to dissolve, especially meeting hot water, high temperature and water leaching, the natural cost is higher. Fourth, the liquid soap bubble is rich and exquisite, and the water is good, namely can save water and can save time.


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