Why are Some Stains on Clothes Not to Be Washed Off?

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  • 2017-08-21
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In daily life, not all stains can be removed, some stains can't be washed out. We should pay special attention not to blindly try various methods, preferring not to stain or change the color of the clothes. As a washing powder manufacturing, I will tell you why some stains can't be removed on the clothes.

Fine solid particle stains (black stagnation) are difficult to wash thoroughly

The main manifestation of fine solid particles is black lag, such as the inside of the cuff and the inside of the light colored clothing. Some of the stains that contain metal particles, such as mechanical sludge, are also of this kind. These black - lag stains are hard to clean because some of them are already in the fabric or inside the fiber. Do not remove thoroughly to avoid injury or fiber or fabric color.

The dirt on the suede garment must be wetted and treated

Suede fabrics are usually covered with tiny hairs, which often remain solid after contamination. On other fabrics the effect is not very heavy, but on the suede fabric is not to take lightly. Be sure to wet (use water or glycerin) first, otherwise it will be very easy to cause the villi to fall off.


Chemical agents corrode marks like dirt, but not stains

Clothes sometimes have something that looks like a stain but can't be removed in any way. They may be traces of chemical corrosion, known as pseudostains. The fiber or yarn on the surface of the fabric can be clearly seen through a magnifying glass or microscope. This situation cannot be overworked.

Mechanical wear marks like stains, but not stains

Things that are very much like stains on clothing, sometimes mechanical scuffs, are also a kind of pseudostain. Such as yarn ciliate, superficial abrasion, and the fusion of synthetic fibers caused by ironing. This kind of the damage mark that appears besmirch, can be identified by magnifying lens or microscope, do not blindly force to be stained, lest damage further expand.


1?It's better to go without the stain than to hurt the bottom

The process must be limited and it is understandable to want to remove all kinds of stains, but not all stains can be removed completely. Therefore, the principle of deblot is not to hurt the fabric and the background color. The fact that you get too much of it is actually ruining your clothes.

2?You must use it carefully when you go to the stain scraper

The stain scraper is a dedicated tool, but it is not a universal tool. Many fabrics or textile fibers should not be used to use the stain scraper. The most effective cleaning object for the stain scraper is white cotton or chemical fiber fabric. The stain should be used with caution.


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