Wash Hands Every Day, Keep Healthy Forever!

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  • 2017-09-08
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According to the survey, Children's resistance is much lower than adults. So children are more susceptible to infection with bacteria. Experts pointed out that children should form the habit of washing hands with the proper way. It can reduce children suffering from diarrhea and other symptoms. The WHO estimates that 18 million children die each year and 90% of young children under the age of five. If children form good habits of washing hands with hand washing liquid, can save at least half of the number of children, so the correct way to wash your hands is so important for children.


The disease is known to everyone, and the medium of entry is the hand. Therefore, the health of the hand is an important link in preventing the disease from entering the mouth. The basic condition of hand hygiene is to wash hands before eating. Therefore, children should be trained to wash their hands before eating. Hand, everywhere, under the microscope, you can see that there are many bacteria or parasitic eggs that are not visible to the naked eye. If you eat food with unwashed hands, you may eat the bacteria and eggs with the food, causing the spread of the disease. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands before meals. Of course, it is not just the children who wash their hands frequently, even the adults, especially the medical staff. Experts say doctors and patients should wash their hands properly. The world health organization says more than nine million health workers in more than 1.57 million health institutions in 168 countries have made hand washing commitments. Medical staff and patients have dirty hands, which can lead to spread and cross-infection of germs. The most common infections include urethra and surgical incision infection, pneumonia and blood infection. Proper hand washing is very important for medical staff. Medical personnel washes their hands first of all to protect themselves, and to the patient's protection, also provide a line of defense for the cross infection inside the hospital. Health care workers do not wash their hands and cause more damage than drivers who drink and drive. Health care workers should wash their hands with soap before contacting patients or using soap with alcohol, or when there is obvious dirt on their hands.


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