Six products of AoGrand Group have obtained China Environmental Labeling Product Certification

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  • 2019-08-08
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A few days ago, our company's six types of products have obtained China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. These products are mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid, hard surface cleaner (including powder), fabric detergent (including powder), electric mosquito coil, dishwashing liquid.


The graphic center of China environmental label is composed of green hills, green water and sunlight. It represents the environment in which human beings live. The ten outer rings are closely interlocked to express public participation and environmental protection together. It means "all people unite to protect the environment on which mankind depends". The mark has clear product technical requirements, and the various indicators and test methods of the product are clearly defined.

Type I China Environmental Label is a certification mark. It is an official symbol, indicating that the approved product is not only of high quality, but also meets environmental protection requirements during production, use and handling process. Those products, which are little harm to the environment, conserve resources and have other environmental advantages. It is precisely because of this certification mark that consumers can easily understand which products are good for the environment and harmless to their own health, so they can buy green products. Through consumer choice and market competition, companies can be guided to consciously adjust the industrial structure, adopt clean production techniques, produce products that are beneficial to the environment, and ultimately achieve the goal of environmental protection and coordinated economic development.

The certification methods and procedures of China's environmental labeling are implemented in accordance with the principles and procedures stipulated in the ISO 14020 series of standards, the ISO 14024 environmental management environmental labeling standards, and Type I Environmental Labeling Declaration. This is consistent with the practices of various countries' environmental labeling plans. While keeping pace with the development of international "eco-labeling" technology, various countries are actively carrying out the mutual recognition of environmental labels. At present, China has signed cooperation agreements on mutual recognition of environmental labels with Germany, South Korea, Japan and Australia, which has become a powerful force for Chinese companies to overcome green technical barriers.

The products of AoGrand Group have been certified by the National Environmental Protection Agency, which shows that our products are of reliable and safe quality. This is also in line with our corporate positioning-Quality Consumer Products Supplier Since 1992. These certificates prove the strength of our company and makes us take more responsibilities. In the future, we will be more strict with ourselves and provide consumers all over the world with more reliable and affordable quality consumer products.


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