Provincial Standing Committee Yang Yue and his entourage visited AoGrand Group to inspect the production work

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  • 2020-03-04
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During the prevention period, leaders of the district party committee and government, the municipal party committee and government, and the provincial party committee were very concerned about the key epidemic prevention material production enterprises. They come to the AoGrand Group to conduct inspection and guidance in first time, encouraged the enterprises, and encouraged them to overcome difficulties. AoGrand Group increased its production capacity to ensure a 24-hour production system (three shifts) to meet the demand of epidemic prevention materials.

On February 4th, Yang Yue, member of Chinese Communist Party Provincial Standing Committee and Secretary of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Standing Committee, came to AoGrand Group to invest on the resumption of work and production under the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

Shi Donghai, Chairman of AoGrand Group Corporation, and Ivan Shi, President of AoGrand International Inc., welcomed Yang Yue. They set up a prevention and control leading group and a communication office to understand the status of all employees. In addition, they also wrote a letter to all employees, put forward the prevention requirements for all employees, and developed a disinfection system. Mr. Yang and his entourage highly recognized and supported the active and effective preventive and control measures taken by AoGrand Group.

They also came to the AoGrand Group 84 disinfectant production workshop to understand the number of returning workers and the management of returning workers.

Yang emphasized that it is necessary to carefully check the information of returnees and strictly abide by the quarantine requirements. Regarding the dining management of the canteen, the mayor emphasized that people should avoid centralized meals. At the same time, the company must increase its confidence in fighting the epidemic and be brave enough to face the challenges of the crisis. More importantly, the company must continue to strengthen technological transformation and new product research and development, further enhance the company's core competitiveness, and create greater economic benefits.


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