AoGrand Group participated in the 127th Canton Fair

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  • 2020-06-17
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Founded in 1957, the Canton Fair was the first window for the opening of new China. About 25,000 companies participated in each Canton Fair, and as many as 200,000 overseas buyers have participated in the fair, which is known as the 'barometer' or 'wind vane' of China's foreign trade.

Because of the global spread of the new coronary pneumonia this year, the 127th Canton Fair was kicked off online for the first time on June 15. It is one of the important channels for enterprises to acquire customers and expand the international markets under the pressure of the epidemic.

The Canton Fair built an online virtual cloud exhibition hall. Exhibitors can display product information in various forms such as graphics, video, 3D, VR, etc. 

The staffs of AoGrand are fit and firing. They showed the international vision of Chinese enterprises to global customers in multiple forms and dimensions, such as graphics, video, and live broadcast.

During the period from June 15 to 24, AoGrand set up a full-time, strong interactive and directional 10×24 hour exclusive live room for visitors to create live marketing interactive effects through live broadcast activities.
At this online Canton Fair, AoGrand displayed a total of two categories of products for household cleaning and prevention from international brands "CLEACE", "JOBY", "MYSTIC ORCHARD", "ARROW", "BUBUBEAR" and so on. These products have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and has obtained many international certifications, such as CE, MSDS and so on.

The factory of CLEACE 75% Alcohol Instanthand sanitizer, has vast production capacity and professional supply chain. Its export volume ranks first in the world. 

On the day of the live broadcast on June 15, many visitors entered AoGrand's online broadcast room. Live broadcast personnel presented products through panoramic product displays and comprehensive product descriptions. The total number of views reached 100,000 in just one hour, with 250,000 likes from global visitors. AoGrand's foreign trade model has changed from offline to online, from "old foreign trade" to "new foreign trade". The successful attempt of digital upgrade not only deeply reflected the far-reaching influence of China's manufacturing industry in the international market, but also confirmed that China's manufacturing industry would shine in the international market.

Finally, I wish this online Canton Fair a complete success. Chinese enterprises will complement each other with companies from all over the world with their own advantages. We pursue win-win cooperation and strive to contribute to the revitalization of the world economy!


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