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AoGrand Group’s Six Products Have Obtained China Environmental Labeling Product Certification
Company News,News 2019-08-08 41
A few days ago, our company's six types of products have obtained the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. These products are mosquito coils, electric mosquito liquid, hard surface cleaner (including powder), fabric detergent (including powder), electric mosquito coil, dishwash......
News of AoGrand Group in July
Company News,News 2019-07-19 104
A few days ago , AoGrand Group participated in the selection of Top 100 in China's chemical industry . After a week of online voting , we finally ranked fourth in total number of votes and succeeded in the selection of Top 100 in China's chemical industry in 2019 . In July , Presiden......
CLEACE Professional tips for removing tough laundry stains
News 2019-07-18 91
We all own a favorite piece of clothing. It might be a dress, a shirt or a pair of jeans. We also know what if feels like to get a stain on our favorite items, or even worse, a favorite item of a client.The panic and the stress of not knowing how to get rid of these tough stains can some......
How to choose your own air freshener?
Everyone should have an air freshener, which belongs to their favorite fragrance, so that they can bathe in a harmonious and soothing fresh atmosphere and have a good moo......
CLEACE Brand Attracts More And More Caribbean Musinessmen
The Caribbean market is one of the key markets of AoGrand Group. The annual export business maintains a great growth. In some countries, the market share is as high as 20......
Again! There Was Another Theft!
Our company scale is getting bigger and bigger, and our brand is doing better and better. Consequently, there will be a lot of piracy. In the last issue, we pointed out the f......
Warning! We Got Fake Goods!
We are very surprised to find fake goods from our distributor feedback. They not only copied our packaging design but also the logo only has a single letter difference. ......