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Zika News | Given Information About Zika Virus
Zika Virus Prevention 2017-11-21 856
The Zika virus was first isolated from macaques in the Zika forest in Uganda in 1947. Currently, genotypes are divided into two types: Asian and African, with records found in central Africa, southeast Asia and India....
Zika News | Know Zika Virus More, Prevention Will Be More Effective
Zika Virus Prevention 2017-11-08 501
Do you know Zika Virus? The Zika virus is Flaviviridae, which is spherical with a diameter of about 40 to 70nm and has a coating....
Zika Is More Dangerous Than We Thought
Zika Virus Prevention 2017-10-11 990
Brazilian scientists say Zika may be more dangerous than previously thought. Scientists say Zika could cause more neurological problems and affect the fetus of a fifth of pregnant women, the BBC reported....
Get to Know the Zika Virus Quickly
CDC department explained, Zika Virus is a kind of yellow virus, is now considered to be spread by mosquitoes arbo, was first made in 1947 in Uganda, separate card in the forest....
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On July 4, 2017, Thailand government administration department confirmed that since 1st of this month the Beatles set mansion 11 people to confirm village card virus infection, and another 27 people suspected symptoms, waiting for further screening....
In August 2016, Taiwan's First Case of The Zika Virus Was Found
Taipei in August 4, Taiwan's disease control department, said on the 4, a 43 year old female Zika virus infection in Taiwan. This is the fourth case of the local emergence of the case of the case of the virus outside the walled card, but also for the fir...
Cape Verde Zika Virus Outbreak Occurred in November 2015
In November 2, 2015, the Ministry of health confirmed that the the Atlantic island of Cape Verde, occurrence of Zika virus outbreak in the country 9-10 months, more than 1 thousand cases were reported. Since November 2015, many countries in the Americas h...
In October 2013, French Polynesia Zika Virus Outbreak
In October 2013, French Polynesia area also broke Zika virus , the incidence of tens of thousands of cases....
Virus Zika Outbreak in Micronesia in 2007
From 2007 4 to July, Micronesia is located on the Pacific island of Yap (Yap) and 185 cases of fever, headache, rash, conjunctivitis and joint pain symptoms, of which 49 cases were diagnosed as Zika virus infections, 59 cases were diagnosed as probable ca...
Zika Virus You Want to Know are Here
Ebola outbreak in Africa has not completely ended, there is a mosquito borne virus in the Americas - Zika Virus.Since May 2015, a massive Zika virus infection outbreak in Brazil According to the WHO by the end of 1, the Americas, Africa and other countrie...