How Do You Clean the Carpet?
Household Cleaning 2018-01-15 354
For many families nowadays, rugs are an essential element in the living room. A well-chosen carpet, not only can beautify the living room environment, improve the overall style, but also can acoustic shock absorber, bring the household excellent use exper...
T-shirt Cleaning and Maintenance
Household Cleaning 2018-01-08 992
A good T-shirt, it must be the material is soft and elastic, wear cool, when washing should be in the whole T-shirt, and avoid knead patterned side, try to hand wash don't use the dryer, drying clothes, don't pull collar, to prevent deformation....
Disinfection Problems of Household Cleaning
Household Cleaning 2018-01-02 990
When the disease is easy to spread, many mothers are keen to sterilize their homes. However, in the ordinary household environment, the frequent use of chemical elimination of drugs is not necessary and will cause corrosion to household items....
Cleaning Methods of Household Washing Machine
The washing machine, while washing clothes, has been used for a long time, and it will become a place of dirty. The dirt is mainly hidden in the inner bucket between the washing machine and the outer drum. If it is not cleared in time, it will contaminate...
Toilet Daily Deodorization Precautions
1. Ventilation The peculiar smell of the exhaust pipe can only solve with ventilation and exhaust duct. Because the general toilet is narrow, the window is very small, the overall ventilated effect is poor....
How to Wash Clothes Without Wrinkles?
In the ordinary life, there will always be the phenomenon of clothing wrinkles, usually because of improper laundry, easy to cause the folds of clothes. If the clothes are wrinkled, even the best clothes will lose their color, feeling that the whole cloth...
Household Cleaning -- The Most Concerned Topic
Household cleaning is the most concerned about a topic in every family, so what will you pay attention to the daily cleaning of household, I compiled for everybody below about household daily cleaning of the matters needing attention, to welcome you all t...
Drying Clothes Without Wrinkles Needs Tricks
Normally we wash the clothes to dry inevitably there will be wrinkles, so how to prevent drape? While washing clothes, it is important to pay attention to the method of washing, avoid machine wash, and also pay attention to the use of washing powder in ha...
The Rescue Strategy for Yellowing Clothes
People always have a vision for the pure and beautiful white, so they are very fond of white clothes. But the white dress looks good, but it's easy to get yellow and dirty, and it's harder to clean....
Recommendation of Silkworm Silk Washing Method
Mulberry silk is a continuous filament produced by the solidification of silk in the cocoon of a mature silkworm, also known as "natural silk". With mulberry silk as raw material, the loom can be processed into various kinds of fabrics....
House Cleaning Needs Reasonable Methods
In daily life, it is very important that indoor environment is clean and tidy. household cleaning is very important. Get some clean tips that will save you time and effort to clean your home....
Washing Powder Is Helpful for House Cleaning
Household cleaning is necessary for daily life. As we know, washing powder is the standard of modern life. How can we clean the house with washing powder properly?...
How to Prevent the Breeding of Household Mites?
As for the mite, I'm sure everyone knows how terrible it is! The mite is like wet afraid of light, they mainly breed in carpet, soft sofa, bedding, mattress and pillow core, among them, the mite bug that is attached to bedding, mattress and pillow core i...
Common Problems in Household Life
In household life, it is easy to appear all kinds of stains and odors. So, there are ways to get rid of that. I'm going to give you some ways to do this, and hoping to help you....
A Few Tips for House Cleaning
Family health is important to the health of the family. Of course, the inevitable in home life will have dirt. That requires a regular home cleaning job. So how to clean your home quickly and cleanly? Then I'll give you some tips for house cleaning....
How to Kill Germs for Your Home?
For cotton, stationery, tableware and other household items, we can use boiling disinfection method, boiling can make l protein frozen denaturation, generally need 15 to 20 minutes, boiling water at the same time the water must be over cooked item...
You Have to Know About This if You Drinking
For wine lovers, it is often the case that the wine is dripped on the clothes. But if not handled in time, the stain will be difficult to remove, leaving an ugly and embarrassing mark. As one of the best washing powder offers, here are a few tips for you...
Master Daily Household Cleaning Knowledge, Save Time and Effort
In daily life, we all need to clean the household goods. In this way, our home will be comfortable and pleasant. So it's important to have some clean tips that will save you time and effort to clean your home....