Mouse & Rat Glue Trap Free Fold Type ARROW

Mouse & Rat Glue Trap Free Fold Type ARROW

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Certificates ISO9001,ISO14001
MOQ 1 container
Features Rat terminator
Strong viscidity
Environment safeguard


1.Open the board carefully and place it on where rats usually appear. Despatch the trap after it catch the mouse, or it can be reused after taking the rates away.

2.Fold into a shape suitable for placement.

3.Put more traps if the place is rat infested. Fix it on the floor if necessary.

4.For better effect, use it with bait.

5.Please heat it up on the heating pipe before using in winter.


1.Strongly adhesive,odorless,easy to use. Safe and sanitary, an ideal for catching mouse and rat.

2.As a new generation of environment- friendly product, it is not subject to the climate change.

3.It is reusable,non-toxic and harmless.


1.Avoid exposing the trap under the sunlight or getting touch with water so as to ensure the effect.

2.Avoid mingling with sand or water, otherwise it will not as sticky as it was. Dry it up if it cantains water.

3.If glue touches your clothes,hair and hands,you can wipe it with diesel oil or gasoline first before using detergent.

4.Keep out of touch of children and pets.

5.In winter, for better effect,please heat it up on the heating pipe before use.

Mfg Data/Batch Code are printed on the package.

Expiry years: 3 years

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