Mosquito Repellent Liquid ARROW

Mosquito Repellent Liquid ARROW

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Supply Ability: 200 thousand pcs per year
Port: Nanjing
  • 24H Response Time

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Perfume Fresh fragrance
Active ingredients Meperfluthrin: 0.6%
Specification Working voltage: 220v Power:5w Frequence: 50Hz
The service time of one bottle of liquid is about 360 hours.
The volume of one bottle of liquid is 45 ml
Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BV & GSP
MOQ 1 container
Packing Details
Item No. Spec.(/pc) Package
20GP 40HQ
MRL001AR 45ml 60 2300 5600
MRL002AR 45ml+vaporizer 24 1000 2500
MRL003AR 45ml*2+vaporizer 16 1000 2600

Indoor efficacy results of electric mosquito-repellent liquid on Culex pipiens pallens in closed drum method

time(h) KT50(min) lower limit(min) upper limit(min)
2 3.51 3.07 4.01
90 2.09 1.63 2.67
180 2.01 1.57 2.49
270 2.17 1.82 2.58
360 2.14 1.75 2.55

Easy using , eco friendly, no harm to health. our mosquito repellent liquid has a unique formula based on meperfluthrin, 360 hours highly effective protection for one bottle.


Remove the cap of the bottle and spin the bottle into the heater. Plug in, turn on the switch, when the light is on, it means the heater starts to work.

When not in use, please separate the device from the liquid bottle and place it upright.

Please use with our company's mosquito repellent liquid heater.


Put the vaporizer from the windward when use, turn off the power when do not use.

Keep the bottle right up.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not disassemble the product .

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