Anti-Flies Coils Professinoal Flykilling Disk Destruction ARROW

Anti-Flies Coils Professinoal Flykilling Disk Destruction ARROW

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Supply Ability: 3 million cartons per year
Port: Nanjing
  • 24H Response Time

  • 100% Response Rate

Total active Ingredlent 0.26%
Rich dtrans allethrin 0.25%
Tetramethylfuthrin 0.01%
Diameter 85mm
Certificates ISO9001,ISO14001,BV & GSP
MOQ 1 container
Item No. Spec.
20GP 40HQ
M006AR 85mm*10coils 30 3000 7300

Indoor efficacy results of Anti-Flies Coils against housefly by closed cylinder method

sample KT50(min) lower limit(min) upper limit(min) 24h mortality(%)
Anti-Flies Coils 0.96 0.79 1.16 100

Arrow Anti-flies Coils carefully adapt the pyrethroid insecticides, aimed to kill flies, this product is type of light fumigant. Even doors and windows open is also effective, no pollution to the tableware and household products, suitable for room, bathroom, storage rooms and other places


Push the center of the coil gently to spilt a dualaway to 2 single coils, put the coil on the stand and light it.

After light the coils must make the room be ventilated . Prohibited to use In a sealed case.


Regular use can move Indoor flies.

Clean ,small pollution when in use.

Easy to use . simple operation.


Please keep away from combustible place.

Do not store with food.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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