Laundry Liquid Multi-Functional Lemon Perfumed CLEACE
Laundry Liquid Multi-Functional Lemon Perfumed CLEACE
Laundry Liquid Multi-Functional Lemon Perfumed CLEACE
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Supply Ability: 120,000 Ton/Tons per Year
Port: NanJing
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Perfume Fresh lemon/pleasant blueberry

Imported fruit essence lasting perfume around you.

Active Matter >20%
Certificate ISO9001,ISO14001,BV & GSP
Suitable For both hand and machine wash
Application Applies to all fabric washing,especial for silk, mohair,cotton, wool
Main Features Non-harmful to skin,ECO friendly,Color-protecting,

Makes fabrics soft, smooth and comfortable

Low foam,easy to rinse

High quality,

Competitive price,

Reasonable bottle design,beautiful and comfortable

MOQ 100ctns per flavor,mixed to a 40HQ
Packing Detail
Item No. Spec.(/pc) Packing (pcs/ctn) Loading(ctn)
20GP 40HQ
LL1000CL 1KG 12 820 2000
LL2000CL 2KG 8 630 1400
LL3000CL 3KG 6 630 1400

Laundry Liquid Multi-Functional Extra Fabric Care
Phosphate-free concentrated formula powerfully dissolves the stains on top of or deep inside the textile fiber; the softening ingredients guarantee the fabrice feeling soft after wash; a unique easy rinsing formula combined with natural orchid essence, leave no residual except a slice of florale with your washed clothes.
Its tough, it's safe, it's eco-friendly.

A Good Choice
Detergent, Fabric softener, Sanitier All in one

Expiry Date: 3 years

furace active agent, fabric softener, water softener, fungcide, builde, flower essence

Applicable to
Cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, blends etc. Safe for using on children's clothes, under wears

Usage Recommendations
Soak clothes for 10 minutes in 1% diluted liquid (about 1 part of laundry liquid mix with 99 parts of water) before washing, would help improve cleaning and sterilization effect. For collar band and cuffs, use this laundry liquid directly on them if needed. Then fllow the directions.

Wash your colored clothes and white clothes separately. Keep out of reach of children. Drink lots of water if swallowed, irrigate the eye if got squirted in.


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