Washing hands is not a trivial matter, take it seriously

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  • 2021-05-24
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Although washing hands may seem like a trivial matter, there are many misunderstandings in the process of doing this trivial matter well.
Misunderstanding 1: There is a wound on one hand and washing hands will cause infection
Some people think that washing hands can cause wounds to become infected. But experts say that our hands touch a lot of things every day, and the bacteria on our hands can be imagined. If you do not wash your hands, it is more likely to cause bacterial infection in the wound. Of course, this is for shallow wounds. If the wound is more serious, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.
Misunderstanding 2: Only by washing with antibacterial hand sanitizer can you wash your hands cleanly
With the blessing of some scientific researches, some people have become loyal fans of antibacterial hand sanitizers, and many people do not use non-antibacterial hand sanitizers. They believe that antibacterial hand sanitizers can kill hand bacteria most effectively.
In this regard, experts introduced that at present, my country's hand sanitizers are divided into two categories, one is ordinary hand sanitizer, and the other is disinfectant and antibacterial hand sanitizer. The former plays a role in cleaning and decontamination, while the latter contains effective ingredients that are antibacterial, antibacterial or sterilizing. Disinfecting and antibacterial hand sanitizer is suitable for special people, such as doctors, cashiers, etc., and special occasions such as hospitals, hotels, public restrooms, etc. Ordinary hand sanitizer, as a cleaning product, has normal cleaning capabilities other than sterilization and can meet the daily needs of ordinary people. Therefore, everyone can choose hand sanitizer according to their needs, and ordinary people should not use antibacterial hand sanitizer for a long time. , Because the frequent use of antibacterial hand sanitizers can damage the skin, make the hands rough, and even affect the body’s resistance.
In addition, some dishonest antibacterial hand sanitizer manufacturers add water to the antibacterial hand sanitizer in order to save production costs. Experts say that doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the antibacterial hand sanitizer, because the antibacterial hand sanitizer contains antibacterial, disinfecting ingredients and active agents. In order to achieve the disinfection effect, its concentration and composition configuration are scientifically based. If water is added to the hand sanitizer, it will lose its original sterilization and disinfection effects and reduce the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer. And if the hand sanitizer mixed with water is left for a long time, it is more likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, consumers or distributors must pay attention to screening when choosing hand sanitizers, and select qualified antibacterial hand sanitizer manufacturers with production qualifications.
Misunderstanding 3: Instant hand sanitizer is all-powerful
Nowadays, there is a kind of hand sanitizer on the market that is quietly popular. This hand sanitizer bottle is small and easy to carry. You only need to squeeze the hand sanitizer on your hands like a hand cream and rub your hands together to clean and remove The role of bacteria. However, instant hand sanitizer is not a panacea. It can indeed kill most bacteria and viruses and turn them into sterile stains, but there will always be stains on the surface of the hands, so it is best to use running water and soap handwashing. But alcohol-free hand sanitizer can be used as a good auxiliary measure for daily disinfection.
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