The effect of 75% alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer kill germs

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How many effect is the 75% alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer in kill germs? How to use it correctly? Please read the below content, you will find answers which you want.
With the expansion of new coronary pneumonia, disinfection has become an integral part of people's lives. Seats, handrails, windows, etc. that countless people have touched, such as subways, buses, elevators, door handles, and faucets in the toilet after arriving at the company, door keys, clothes, masks ...
Where these hands come into contact, it is very easy to become a transmission route for bacteria, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of and affecting our health.
But without panic, you can better protect yourself by wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently. Washing hands with disinfectant alone will not only harm the skin, but also hidden dangers. Alcohol is a flammable and explosive liquid. You can use cotton cloth to dip and wipe small objects to disinfect it.
For daily disinfection, the first choice is 75% alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer. Bacteria on the hands cannot be washed off with water, and the survival time is particularly long. Alcohol can cause protein denaturation on the surface of bacteria, instantly break through the cell wall of bacteria, and kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc. within a minute. Compared with directly spraying anti-virus with alcohol, rubbing with alcohol-based hand sanitizer can clean hands and nail seams more fully without leaving a place for bacteria to survive. According to research, 75% alcohol can directly kill bacteria, and high or low alcohol concentration cannot effectively kill the virus.
CLEACE 75% alcohol antibacterial no-wash hand sanitizer 60ml portable, has a nationally approved antibacterial production license, and after quality inspection, it can effectively sterilize!
And this hand sanitizer is disposable and quick-drying. After taking the bus, touching the door handle, and contacting a stranger's body, you only need to press the two pumps gently and squeeze your hands for 20 seconds. It also prevents secondary infection of towels and paper towels. Food-grade non-toxic products, which can be directly contacted with food after use, very convenient, the bacteriostatic rate is 99.99%!
After going home, before your child’s meals, after playing with toys, wash them with it, don’t have to worry about “illness comes in from the mouth”, and you feel more at home. We also use mobile phones that we often use, so we can squeeze some 75% alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer and wipe it without worrying about germs.
Through our introduce, maybe you already understand the effect of 75% alcohol antibacterial hand sanitizer, and how to use it. We are a hand sanitizer manufacturer, if you like our products, you can order it online.


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