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Product News 2020-06-26 96
Jiangsu Aogrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is listed as a key guarantee enterprise for epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu Province! Long-term R&D, production and sales of a series of daily chemical products such as water-free gel disinfectant hand sanitizer and disinfectant. The three certificates are fully qualified and have been exported for many years in international trade. The water-free gel hand sanitizer products are popular in the United States, Australia, the Middle East market, France and many other countries!

Many people's daily activities are completed by two hands, there are many things to contact, and there are many kinds of stains on the stick. Therefore, washing hands is the most frequent occurrence in people's daily hygiene and cleaning life. Therefore, hand-washing products came into being. Restricted by living conditions and the market, people used to use soap, soap and washing powder to wash their hands. Although they can achieve a certain cleaning effect, they have a stimulating effect on the skin. Long-term use will cause some people to have rough skin, Cracking and peeling. As the second face of the human body, people, especially women, are more willing to make efforts to maintain her. As a cleansing and nursing product specially used for hand washing, with the advancement of technology, the application of new surfactants, auxiliaries and mild, natural antiseptics is packed in a pressure pump bottle, which makes the hand sanitizer "moisturizing" special Function; the use of "pressure pump to prevent cross infection", the "liquid washing, more fashionable" buying point cuts into the consumer group, and is quickly recognized by consumers as a substitute for traditional hand-washing products, which has become a hand-washing cleaning The development trend of nursing products.  

Passed ISO9001 quality management system/ISO14001 environmental management system certification. And was awarded "integrity enterprise" by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Development and Reform Commission, "China AAA quality reputation enterprise", "Jiangsu Province integrity enterprise".

We have strict quality control procedures for our products. The first step is of course the quality control of the packaging materials. After each batch of packaging materials arrives in our warehouse, we will have QC personnel to check. If it does not meet the standard, we will not accept and ask the supplier to add substandard packaging materials. The second is quality control on the job site. For all production of all products, we have special inspectors to check the quality of the production process. Third, after production, we also check the finished product to ensure that the loaded goods can be delivered to customers well. In addition, we will keep some samples in each product.

We thoroughly inspected the entire production process. Only the necessary production processes and products are retained, and there are no essentially independent redundant processes (for example, uniform size classification and processing of raw materials, so shiny) those that are discarded and discarded due to poor size or shape specifications product. . This is to make full use of raw materials and reduce the actual manufacturing cost of the product. We use uniform packaging and use universal containers. While producing simple products, it can also save the earth's resources and reduce waste emissions. All products only store the printed components and other basic information displayed in simple packaging and are labeled.


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