The 130th Canton Fair is opening! AoGrand Group is appearing online and offline!

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  • 2021-10-15
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On the morning of October 15, 2021, the 130th Canton Fair opened grandly! Meanwhile,AoGrand Group made its online and offline appearances this time, which bringing a brilliant gluttonous feast for the daily chemical industry!

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The current 130th Canton Fair is held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, which is of great significance.This year’s Canton Fair is held online and offline for the first time .In addition,this fair resume offline hosting for the first time after three consecutive sessions online.It is a major international economic and trade event organized by China under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

As a national enterprise in the international market, AoGrand Group appears with many international hot-selling brands such as CLEACE, JOBY, BUBU BEAR, MYSTIC, ARROW, SOFREE, UNICO, etc., covering a variety of categories includes sterilization,disinfection,cleaning,personal care,mosquito repellent, maternal&infant products, fresh air, sanitary products, pet products, and so on.AoGrand Group became popular on the first day with its high-quality and cost-effective products.

The extremely popular off-line exhibition hall

Less than an hour after the opening,there was a large number of interested customers gathering at AoGrand Group Section 9.1 C28 & 29 in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall.And there was an endless stream of international customers who was attracted to the collocational display of many selected products such as instant hand sanitizer,air freshener, mosquito coils, pet shower gel, pet ear drops,etc.

In this exhibition, the CLEACE 75% disinfection series(including 75% alcohol instant hand sanitizer, 75% alcohol sanitary wipes, etc.)of AoGrand had won the attention of many customers with the highlights of fast-drying in 5 seconds, no water washing, and 99.99% efficient disinfection. And this series is still the hit product under the current epidemic prevention situation.

Through offline communication with buyers,communication efficiency has greatly improved which realized the timely adjustment of product direction.At the same time,AoGrand Group’s national brands could expand the domestic market while penetrating the international market,which provided a new development pattern that promotes a domestic and international double circulation.

Exhibition time:

15-19th Oct,2021

Pavilion location:

Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

(Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District,
Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province)

Booth number:

Home Decoration Section 9.1 C28 & 29

The brilliant online exhibition with new products

The "1+N" multi-space live room matrix;the multi-mode live broadcast forms of real scenes, videos, graphics, and VR;and customized personalized live broadcast scheme for domestic and overseas markets...The cloud exhibition hall of AoGrand Group truly broke through the limitations of time and space and enriched colorful angles to meet the needs of product display.AoGrand Group was connecting with global customers relying on low-cost and high-efficiency ,which showing off the international style of AoGrand Group!

In the live broadcast room, AoGrand Group’s new product launch was in full swing. MYSTIC antibacterial air freshener, CLEACE alcohol-scented instant hand sanitizer, CLEACE oxygen tank, IWASH multi-purpose foam cleaner, JOBY baby softener, ARROW essential balm and other new products were on the stage. Those high-quality products with exquisite appearance attracted Merchants from home and abroad by internet.And there was a steady stream of interested merchants, which led to the sharp increase of online orders.

Meanwhile, the AoGrand Group’s "Cloud Live" of the Canton Fair is simultaneously live broadcast on overseas platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.And the official website of AoGrand Group(URL: provides global merchants with comprehensive answers to questions and inquiries all day.

15th-19th Oct
AoGrand Group's "Cloud Exhibition Hall" is live broadcast 24/7! Waiting for you!

| Live schedule of AoGrand Group

At this year's Canton Fair, AoGrand Group's global investment promotion has also been launched. As a global distributor of AoGrand Group, you will get the following rights:

1. 7*24h, dedicated online customer service staff for a team of one hundred people.

2. Freight subsidy support and flexible delivery time.

3. 10% marketing promotion support and full support of warehousing and logistics.

4. Brand and media support (including the advertising of national TV stations, various exquisite display shelves, and the gift of sales additional products).

More value-added rights and interests are continuing to be added. Through watching the "Cloud Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group at this Canton Fair,you can learn more about investment policies and product information.

As the new force in the global daily chemical industry,AoGrand Group promises to provide you with one-stop product service solutions!


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