Sailing together| 2021 AoGrand Brand Partners Summit ended successfully

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  • 2021-12-28
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2021 is a year of intense competition in the market, and a year of tough challenges and trials. Over the past year, in the face of various adverse factors, we have been united to overcome difficulties and successfully completed the tasks assigned by the group.

2021 "New Life·New World" AoGrand Brand Partners Summit was successfully held on December 27.The AoGrand brand partners Online and Offline simultaneously gathered together to launch a Summit with sharing, congratulations and prospects. This gathering is full of honors and firming up the future. Together, we will embark on a new journey for AoGrand 2022 and go for new goals together!

Insight: explore the new trend of traffic with private domain celebrities

At this summit,we invited Mr. Xu Xiaowei to share his practical experience in brand private domains with real cases from construction to methods, and teach the methods to solve brand public domain orders to private domains to the brand partners.In addition,Mr. Xu presented his own insights into the development of private domain trends in the upcoming 2022.

Xu Xiaowei--the lecturer of private domain courses

Through Mr. Xu’s sharing, “brands, private domains, and traffic” had all been deeply analyzed at this summit.AoGrand and brand partners had learned new traffic growth points, and were determined the confidence to move forward and develop together in the future.

Development:New ecology, New products--hand in hand to develop

At the summit, Ivan, President of AoGrand, expressed the core ofAoGrand's future development: seeking innovation & change.And he looked back on the achievements and honors obtained in the past, while looking forward to the new changes in the coming year—opening up new ideas, developing new brands. Ivan expected that AoGrand win together with brand partners and become the first digital and intelligent platform in the daily chemical industry that relies on an intelligent system.

Product Director Hanson brought a new product introduction of "Follow the trend, New Year's release". In the face of more complex and changeable market demand, the product department launched a major launch including home cleaning, cinema series,and other six major content. In 2022, AoGrand will also use the full enthusiasm to polish new products and create the wonderful effect.

The brand director Jason brought a "brand speech-chasing the stars and the sea" to show brand partners AoGrand's determination to globalize the national daily chemical brand. Jason proposed that the rich product categories and the "younger, diversified, customized" category gameplay will all be promised by AoGrand in the future. In addition, AoGrand will cooperate with brand partners with precise delivery and distribution support.

Annual great achievement & Honor awards--go forward courageously

In 2021, AoGrand Group and brand partners have achieved impressive results of performance growth. At the summit, Sword, general manager of the sales company, brought a passionate sharing of "Working together and winning in 2022"---The future would be in a new environment,and everyone would continue to work hard towards the common goal in their own posts, and create a win-win situation together.

In order to commend outstanding brand partners, the group specially set up awards such as the best partner of the year and gold partner, solemnly awarded to the brand partners who have achieved outstanding performance in 2021, thanking them for their hard work and dedication, and expected that they would be full of passion and show strength in 2022 !

Win-Win Cooperation: preferential policies to help brand partners achieve profit maximization

The summit aimed at brand partners, through live online and offline simultaneous detailed live commentary on “Investment promotion policy, product strategy, refund strategy,”promising that AoGrand would work with brand partners to increase and seize the largest market share at a faster rate.

Different from the traditional multi-level dealer agent model, AoGrand has implemented a more progressive brand partner model since the beginning of its business --- B-channel customers have been given the uniform prices and various support services.

AoGrand has not only developed many new products,but also created a new "supermarket" layout in the headquarters to welcome everyone to experience and select around, so that every brand partner could see their favorite products from thousands of products.

The Summit Highlights: Rich presents & Endless surprises

At the "New Life·New World" summit, there were many “Lucky Draws” waiting for everyone, and the prizes were very rich. The guests spoke out the key lucky numbers and words on the spot, and the online and offline brand partners left a message in the comment area to draw a lottery,which lead the atmosphere to a climax.

This summit not only summarized the great breakthroughs and achievements of 2021 in the face of numerous difficulties, obstacles, and overcoming difficulties. More importantly, we took this summit as an opportunity to introduce to all brand partners the future development plan of AoGrand and the new products tailored for this long-term plan.

We believe that under the support of AoGrand's new ecology and new products, the brand partners and AoGrand will surely achieve even more brilliant achievements in the upcoming 2022.


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