Product News | JOBY Colorful Soaps First Order to ANGOLA MARKET

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  • 2011-08-17
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JOBY-colorful-Soaps-First-Order JOBY COLORFUL soaps first order to ANGOLA MARKET   AFTER 1 year s research, we have successful for the first DOUBLE COLOR SOAPS MACHINE and the formulation. From that day, we are the only one factory to producing the double color soap in China.   We give the double color soaps a new name, named COLORFUL beauty soaps. When see the colorful beauty soaps, it is great. When the company girls and lady see this JOBY COLORFUL beauty soap, they are all excited and pleased. We give them the colorful soaps for test, after 1 month, the feedback show everything is great.   On 109th Canton Fair(April, 2011), we have excited to get order from Angola.   Last Month, on June, we finished the first order. Hope, the JOBY colorful beauty soaps will bring the great market to our customers. we are enjoy it also.   Thanks for all of the AoGrand People. We are pride of you all.   OFFICE AoGrand International Trade Corp.


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