Hand in hand, the future can be expected-the seventh meeting of the fourth session of the Nanjing Daily Chemical Association was successfully held at the headquarters of AoGrand Group!

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  • 2021-06-21
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On June 18, 2021, the Seventh Council Meeting of the Fourth Session of the Nanjing Daily Chemical Association was successfully held in the Nanjing Headquarters Center of AoGrand Group.

The directors and representatives of member units of the Nanjing Daily Chemical Association attended this meeting. Everyone gathered together to discuss the list of recommendations for the fifth board of directors of the Association, expiration and new trends in the development of the daily chemical industry.

In this meeting, after heated discussions among representatives of the members, Jiangsu AoGrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was elected as the fifth chairman unit, and Mr. Shi Donghai, chairman of AoGrand Group, was elected as the chairman of the association.

The development of the daily chemical industry is closely related to the lives of the people, and the importance of its innovative development is self-evident. In this meeting, representatives of member units conducted in-depth exchanges on business operations and the development of industry associations. Participating representatives spoke enthusiastically at the meeting, expressed their opinions and prospects on the industry, and put forward profound insights on current industry development trends and issues.

At the meeting, Nanjing Daily Chemical Association highly affirmed and recognized the development of AoGrand Group in recent years, and called on AoGrand Group to continue to base on its own advantages in the future, explore more forms, do a good job in promoting industrial development, and jointly promote Nanjing's daily chemical industry has developed steadily and steadily.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the association were invited to visit the headquarters of AoGrand Group. Mr. Shi Feiping, President of AoGrand Group, gave a detailed introduction to each floor and department of the Nanjing Headquarters Center of AoGrand Group, and introduced the recent development of the group. The personnel of both parties had in-depth exchanges and discussions.

Started in 1992, AoGrand Group has been deeply involved in the daily chemical industry for nearly 30 years. It has a production base of 700,000 square meters. The business map spans five continents and spreads all over the world. With Nanjing as the center, it has established overseas branches in 15 countries and regions. Office, the products are successfully sold to more than 150 countries and regions around the world. The group owns many well-known brands such as CLEACE, JOBY, JINLING, QIAOJIE, SUNING, ARROW, BUBUBEAR, etc. The products cover many categories such as alcohol cleaning, disinfection, insect repellent, household cleaning, and personal care.

Work together, the future can be expected! AoGrand Group will give full play to the role of the association and actively contribute to the innovation and development of the daily chemical industry!


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