Fair News of Aogrand Group From 6.17 to 6.28

  • Company News
  • 2019-06-29
  • 971

The first International commodity fair held in Moscow, Russia ended in mid-June. At the fair, AoGrand Group achieved good results. Customers from different countries around the world bought our products during the commodity fair. In particular, some customers from Central Asia were satisfied with our products, which means that AoGrand Group has successfully opened the market in Central Asia. In the near future, we will produce more high-quality and preferential consumer products to meet the needs of Central Asia and other parts of the world.

After the commodity fair, AoGrand Group participated in the Asia Pacific Beauty Expo held in Ningbo. In this exhibition, we were also crowned with success and accumulated a lot of high-quality customer resources. We believe that our customers will trust us more due to the excellent service of AoGrand Group.

The last good news is that AoGrand Group ranked fourth with the advantage of 361,513 votes in the selection of Top 100 Enterprises in China's chemical industry ended on June 28th. In the future, we will work harder and maintain self-positioning as a quality supplier of consumer products.


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