Environmental Protection of AoGrand Group

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  • 2021-05-25
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AoGrand Group has a history of nearly 30 years and is a responsible company.

AoGrand Group has always paid attention to environmental protection in all aspects, especially in the production process of factory. We actively adjust formulas and use more eco-friendly formulas to make products. In addition, our plant implements energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, which has a significant RECYCLING IMPACT on Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Electricity Saving, Net Energy Reduction, Mature Trees Saving, Water Saving,, Oil Saving, Landfill Airspace Saving, etc.

Cleaner Production Audit

In order to protect and improve the environment, as well as to improve the company's resource utilization efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions, AoGrand Group will initiate the Cleaner Production Audit in May 2021. We have publicized relevant information to allow all sectors of the society to supervise the implementation of the Cleaner Production Audit.

Production and disposal of hazardous waste

Hazardous waste generated in the company's production activities includes waste activated carbon and chemical waste packaging materials. In 2020, a total of 1.18 tons of hazardous waste was generated, including about 0.19 tons of waste activated carbon and about 0.992 tons of chemical waste packaging materials. After the hazardous waste is collected, it is classified and temporarily stored in the hazardous waste temporary storage room, and the company has entrusted qualified units for regular disposal. Meanwhile, the company has formulated "Emergency Response Plan for Safe Production" and "Contingency Plan for Emergency Environmental Incidents", and conducts regular drills.

Energy Conservation in Office

In order to further enhance employees' awareness of energy conservation, AoGrand Group encourages employees to start from themselves and from the details. We formulate the energy saving and consumption-reducing plan, call on employees to save electricity and materials, and encourage employees to make reasonable suggestions and supervise inspections.

We are dedicated to being thoughtful stewards of our environment and natural resources. Our goal is to achieve positive impact that matters to the planet.


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