AoGrand continuously carries out epidemic prevention and control work, and win this epidemic battle

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  • 2022-03-25
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In the face of a new round of COVID-19 in 2022, AoGrand, taking into account the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the region and the actual situation of the group, quickly launched the epidemic emergency plan.

1.First fully guarantee the supply of disinfection and epidemic prevention materials

As a key epidemic prevention material manufacturer at the national, provincial and municipal levels, AoGrand firstly ensures sufficient supply of disinfection and epidemic prevention products. During the epidemic, AoGrand reasonably arranged production personnel to process production and implemented orders in advance, so as to not only meet the daily online and offline sales demand, but also achieve sufficient stock in the warehouse, timely order distribution and normal market supply, ensuring that disinfection products would not be out of stock in the market.

At present, AoGrand has a daily production capacity of JOBY that more than 800 tonnes of 84 disinfectant, more than 70 tonnes of antibacterial hand sanitizer and a daily production capacity of more than 3 million units of CLEACE alcohol disinfection products, which can fully guarantee the immediate supply of disinfection products and respond to epidemic emergencies.

Production of CLEACE disinfection materials

2. Dovetailing with government needs for public assistance at the first time

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2022, AoGrand has joined hands with the Nanjing Gaochun District Charity Federation and the District Health and Wellness Committee to donate a large quantity of disinfection and epidemic prevention materials to more than 30 units in the district, including the Qiqiao Street of Gaochun District, Gaochun District Ecological Environment Bureau, development zones, streets and financial institutions, and donated epidemic prevention materials to Shangba Village of Baguazhou Office in Qixia District of Nanjing with a total value of over one million yuan.

AoGrand donated epidemic prevention materials to GaoChun District

3.Do a good job in all aspects of staff safety protection

In the face of a new round of COVID-19 , AoGrand's CODE (Organizational Development and Empowerment Center) took the lead in setting up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control at the first time, arranging for employees to have their body temperature tested twice a day in the morning and afternoon, and registering them in the register; actively connecting with the community epidemic prevention policy, arranging for some employees to work at home and providing morning and evening shuttle bus transportation for those who need to work in the company; workshops, lifts in the office area,employee's workstation are equipped with water-free hand sanitizer and alcohol disinfection spray, and employees are always reminded to wear face masks to prevent and control epidemics.

AoGrand employees are equipped with disinfection materials Shuttle bus for AoGrand employees

For the safety of staff meals, AoGrand's kitchen department has also made a comprehensive catering supply. In order to ensure the safety of employees' meals, AoGrand has canceled dine-in and implemented packaged meal service. Every day, the kitchen department will transport the prepared meals to the 17th floor of AoGrand and pack them into individual meal boxes for the employees to eat separately. AoGrand provides two meals - lunch and dinner, each with four meat, two vegetables and one soup, as well as yoghurt and fruit after meals, to ensure employees' nutritional needs.

Staff packing meals

4.New media channels focus on online epidemic prevention and publicity

Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control battle, AoGrand has been actively using online new media platforms to help promote the epidemic prevention and publicity, including WeChat official account,WeChat video, Friend circles, microblogs, Xiaohongshu, Baike, Sohu, Zhihu and other platforms to actively promote the epidemic prevention policy.

AoGrand has produced a variety of epidemic prevention posters, advocating people to wash hands diligently, disinfect more often, ventilate more frequently and gather less; AoGrand International WeChat video and CLEACE WeChat video broadcast the latest situation of the epidemic on a daily basis and shoot creative videos to output various epidemic prevention policies in a fancy way, so that epidemic prevention propaganda can enter the mind and heart; Xiaohongshu, Weibo and other platforms actively follow up on official notifications to help people understand the trend of the epidemic at the first time.

AoGrand's creative video on epidemic prevention

We also carry out daily live broadcasts in AoBao's new retail mini-programs, using rap and Chinese allegro to remind and inform people of the latest developments of the epidemic and the most appropriate use of epidemic prevention products, actively promoting the correct measures for epidemic prevention and helping people to do a good job in daily prevention and control.

AoBao's new retail epidemic prevention creative live broadcast

Spring will surely come and the road ahead is fearless. AoGrand will fight alongside with people across the country to face the epidemic. We believe that no matter what the difficulties are, we will win! Nanjing Refueling! China Refueling!

FIGHT fight against the epidemic,we are together!


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