The Reasons to Choose CLEACE Disinfectant

Product News 2020-06-30 152
In 2020, the world is caught in the COVID-19 virus crisis. In addition to airborne and contact transmission, the virus can also stay on the surface of the object and survive for a long time. Therefore, in addition to wearing masks and washing hands, pay attention to "high-frequency items" "For disinfection and cleaning, if your hand touches a virus-bearing object, pick your nose, rub your eyes, and wipe your mouth without washing your hands. This contact will also risk infection.

Therefore, regularly disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces of frequently contacted objects is very important, but it is easy to be overlooked.

While purchasing disinfectant, do not follow the trend, first look at the composition and concentration, not all disinfectants are effective for COVID-19. The authoritative database UPTODATE pointed out that the three disinfection components p-chloro-xylenol, benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium bromide/ chlorhexidine have been proven to be ineffective against coronavirus.

The effective disinfectants are mainly the following:
(1) 70~75% alcohol cotton pad or alcohol
(2) Chlorine-containing disinfectants, common 84 disinfectant, bleach powder, chlorine-containing disinfection powder/effervescent tablets
(3) Peroxide disinfectant, represented by chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid

The disinfectant that everyone can buy most easily is 75% alcohol and chlorine disinfectant, which is cheap and easy to use.

Here we recommend CLEACE 75% alcohol disinfection leave-on gel, patented 75% alcohol black technology, in addition to anti-virus ingredients, it also adds pure natural glycerin essence, which can also provide sufficient protection for the skin while disinfecting. Disposable and quick-drying in 5 seconds, edible grade formula, can directly contact food after washing, this disinfectant has been tested layer by layer, the materials used are very strict, all meet the requirements of non-toxic, non-irritating and mutagenic by mouth , No irritation to the skin, can be used by pregnant women and children (not recommended for babies).

CLEACE brand disinfectant supplier has been focusing on daily chemical products for 20 years, with complete specifications. In addition to selling hand sanitizer, the company's products involve kitchen cleaning, furniture cleaning and many other aspects. Its daily chemical brand has 4 items: "Cleace" , "Joby", "Suning", "Arrow", has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Chinese daily chemical brand.

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