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Due to the impact of the epidemic, many of us have indirectly improved our hygiene concepts, and many disinfection and sterilization products have been popular.

Hand sanitizer is roughly divided into: ordinary hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand sanitizer, no-clean hand sanitizer

How to choose hand sanitizer is a question worth discussing.
Following are the  reference for choosing :

Regular channels: must be purchased through regular channels and shopping malls.We are quality consumer products supplier since 2000, for hand sanitizer item, we are working with many countries, such as Frence, USA, Germany, Austrilia, UAE, Africa countries and so on.Aogrand have rich export experience and good international market.

Ingredient safety: Choose a hand sanitizer with appropriate acidity and alkalinity. The alcohol concentration is not as high as possible. Too high will affect the lack of water in the skin of the hands, and may even cause dry skin cracks for a long time.We are a key prevention and control enterprise of the Chinese government,our hand sanitizer is 75% alcohol , and can fight covid-19 well.

Whether the outer packaging is complete and the writing is clear:

Product label instructions. The license number on the packaging of ordinary hand sanitizer is "Wei makeup quasi-word", while the license number on the package of antibacterial hand sanitizer and disposable hand sanitizer is "Wei Xiao Zheng Zi". This kind of hand sanitizer is really tested by an authoritative institution and can only be produced and sold after permission.We have the certificates such as FDA, CE , MSDS,NDC,Dangerous envelope.You can totally trust Aogrand.

Ordinary hand sanitizer can clean the skin, but it does not achieve the effect of bacteriostasis and sterilization, and it tends to decontaminate and clean. You can slao choose our antibacterial hand sanitizer.Our products have different smells of fruits and flowers,making you have saisfied washing experience.

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