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Viruses and bacteria are everywhere in our daily lives. Although they are invisible, we still feel the threat to our health. At the beginning of the new year of 2020, it was affected by the new coronavirus. Since then, people have paid attention to the role of daily sterilization.Faced with the threat of virus infection, many people blindly choose disinfection products and buy them all, but they cannot understand the correct use of antiseptic disinfectant liquid. Leading to many cases of injury to the human body and even death.
For example, if bleach disinfectant liquid and alcohol disinfectant liquid are used at the same time, it will cause chlorine poisoning. Use high-concentration alcohol air to sterilize and cause explosion or fire. Choose disinfection products carefully, understand the product composition results and usage methods, and use them properly to truly exert effects and avoid injury.
CLEACE 75% alcohol disinfectant, patented ratio, no need to re-dilution, scientifically certified 75% alcohol content, sterilization rate as high as 99.9%, can dehydrate and denature the glycoprotein of the virus shell, there by making the virus inactive, very suitable It is used for space disinfection and can be used in multiple scenes. Objects, cars, homes, etc., especially the position of door handles, prevent the spread of bacteria from the source and effectively protect health.
The best and most effective use of alcohol is not to spray, but to wipe. Spraying alcohol over large areas is not safe.When disinfecting with medical alcohol, keep away from open flames and heat sources. Disinfection of electrical appliances should be performed after the power is turned off and the appliance is cooled down, because static electricity can also cause a fire. When disinfecting a kitchen stove, you must turn off the fire first, and take a break before going to avoid the volatilization of alcohol. Alcohol is flammable and explosive. It is not safe to store too much 75% alcohol. It is recommended that you do not store too much at home, and keep it away from fire sources and avoid direct sunlight. The ambient temperature is below 30°.
Wholesale antiseptic disinfectant liquid for large-scale installations must be recognized by big brands, manufacturers, and Kolis disinfectants. For 20 years, they have focused on the research and development and production of daily chemical products. And CE, FDA, SDS and other international certifications. Exported to the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and more than 100 countries and regions, you can buy and use with confidence.
Our company has sufficient production capacity. The factory covers an area of 70,000m². It is China's national key epidemic prevention material production unit. It has a variety of disinfectant liquid products with complete specifications and is a trusted international cooperative brand.


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