The Summary of The 125th Canton Fair

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  • 2019-05-13
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The second stage of the 125th Canton Fair was successfully concluded. The concept of "Quality Consumer Products Supplier Since 1992" enabled AoGrand to attract businessmen from all over the world during the Fair. AoGrand Group's order quantity reached a new record.

At the Canton Fair, our company displayed JOBY and CLEACE washing powder, soaps, detergents, cleaners, MYSTIC ORCHARD air fresheners and ARROW mosquito coils, insecticide spray at the indoor booth. In order to better serve each customer, the president of AoGrand Group was also invited to participate in the exhibition. The staffs of AoGrand Group greeted visitors with a smile all the time, and they have won sincere praise. Customers from South America, Malaysia, Italy, and Russia signed contracts with us and the total order volume hit a record high.

It is not easy for Chinese exhibitors to get a booth at the Canton Fair. Only companies whose annual export volume reaches a certain number are eligible to apply. Since the 17th Canton Fair, our company has participated in every Canton Fair, which not only reflected the strength of our company, but also enhanced the confidence of our partners.

Not long ago, we participated in the 125th Canton Fair of Guangzhou Pazhou Fair again. The booth number is 16.3 A18-19.
There are two major highlights in this exhibition:

The first highlight: there are posters and videos to present the production process of a wide range of quality products. Exhibitors can explain the products and their functions on-site, so that customers can understand the products and factories from more perspectives.

The second highlight: the four-sided and eight-layer exhibition laminates can display the products in a comprehensive, contrasting and clear manner. In this way, customers can clearly understand the quality and capacity of our products. Through the on-site exhibition, customers can learn more about our products and feel our sincerity to customers.

The high-quality exhibits, unique layout and professional explanations formed a beautiful scenery at the fair, which won praises from countless customers. At the same time, many customers were interested in our products and visited our factory on site. AoGrand Group arranged a dedicated person to accompany customers and provide customers with professional introductions and explanations.



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