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Still Hot! The fourth day of AoGrand Group at online Canton Fair

Company News 2021-04-18 254

On April 18, 2021, the fourth day of the 129th online Canton Fair, the "Live Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group is still hot, and many merchants have visited our live show room.

AoGrand Group has been deeply involved in the daily chemical industry for more than 30 years. It is committed to providing household health products to families around the world, and establishing a one-stop and all-round consumer products service platform. Since the first live stream of the Canton Fair on the 15th, the number of visitors in AoGrand Group's live show room has continued to increase, and online orders are constantly signed; and there are simultaneous live stream on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. At the fourth day of the 129th Canton Fair, AoGrand Group is still hot.

Many international buyers consulted online on instant disinfection products, cleaning products, maternal and child products, mosquito repellents, air fresheners, etc.

Simple product explanations will inevitably be a bit boring. The fellows of AoGrand Group have a lot of tricks. They explained the products vividly and lively by using various forms. With the team exercises of the last two "Online Canton Fair", even after three days of high-intensity live stream, the fellows of AoGrand are still full of passion. They warmly welcomed visitors from home and abroad with a more calm & open, efficient & professional live stream quality.

During the 129th Canton Fair, AoGrand Group also looks for global distribution partners for more cooperation.

There are a variety of reasons why to choose AoGrand Group as your global partner.

1. 7*24h, a team of one hundred of dedicated online customer service staffs;

2. Large discounts (zero deposit signing, more exclusive discounts);

3. Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system;

4. Exclusive BD in the local market (marketing staffs to help expand sub-agents) and full support of warehousing and logistics;

5. All-round support for advertising and marketing (including TV station advertising, various exquisite display stands, and free gifts of sales additional products).

More value-added rights and interests are still being added. You can visit the "Live Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group at this Canton Fair to learn more about Global Partnering policies and product information.

AoGrand Group, a new force in the global daily chemical industry, provides you with one-stop product service solutions!

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