Protection of health and safety of employees

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  • 2021-05-25
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Human resources are the precious wealth of society and the supporting force for the development of enterprises. It is crucial to protect the lives and health of employees and ensure their work and income. They are not only essential for the company's sustainable and healthy development, but also for the development and stability of society.

AoGrand Group has always been responsible for protecting the health and safety of employees and ensuring their income.

Regularly carry out occupational disease prevention and control work

AoGrand Group strictly abides by relevant national laws and regulations, and earnestly implements construction projects. AoGrand Group has established an occupational disease review system, an occupational hazard project declaration system, a worker health monitoring system, and a workplace hazard control management system. AoGrand Group pays attention to environmental protection and the improvement of production conditions to reduce and avoid occupational hazards of employees.

Health promotion and education to improve the health of employees

AoGrand Group regularly carries out extensive health education, preventive health care, health checkups and other activities, and regards the health of employees as an important part of the construction of corporate culture. AoGrand Group organized employees to participate in activities such as prevention and control of AIDS, control of tobacco harm, and national fitness.

Purchase different forms of medical insurance for employees

AoGrand Group has purchase different forms of medical insurance for employees, and provided financial assistance to low-income employees for medical treatment through financial donations.

Provide staff dormitory and canteen to promote a healthy life of staff

AoGrand Group cares about employees and considers their needs in daily life. AoGrand Group provides staff dormitory for free to help new employees and recent graduates adapt to the workplace. In addition, AoGrand Group has its own staff canteen to help employees develop a healthy and reasonable diet and lifestyle.

We have been committed to promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace, and contributing our time, talent, and resources to supporting our local human resource development.


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