How to choose your own air freshener?

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  • 2019-05-27
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Everyone should have an air freshener that belongs to their favorite fragrance, so that they can bathe in a harmonious and soothing fresh atmosphere and feel comfortable all day long.

The choice of air freshener can be determined according to your temperament, work and living environment. High-quality perfume can make you feel relaxed. To choose the air freshener perfume that suits you, you only need to follow your nose, because the sense of smell is very subjective. Moreover, air fresheners are very practical.

Just like wearing clothes, air fresheners also have their own attributes and characteristics, which vary with the season, occasion, personality, age, temperament and even mood.

In summer, we recommend that you use the fresh aroma of air fresheners, such as green apple, citrus, lemon, ocean, etc. These scents are light and comfortable, just like the freshness and coolness brought by the hot summer. In winter, we recommend that you use air fresheners, such as sandalwood, vanilla, strong floral fragrance, etc. The fragrance and the feeling of reunion add warmth to the cold winter and make the mood full of sunshine and warmth.

When choosing suitable air fresheners for office environments and traditional business occasions, it is recommended to choose fresh, light, stable and friendly air fresheners. Especially when work is busy, the traditional fragrance can calm people down. After smoking in public places, you can choose wood flavors, which are a mixture of fragrances in wood and vegetation. It can hide heavy body odor and cigarette smell, emit a light aroma, and freshen the air.

Citrus notes may match your personality, such as lemon, orange, mandarin and grapefruit. This scent gives a bright and fresh feeling. The citrus-toned perfume can make people feel sunny and lively. The scent of fresh fruit is like a sudden blooming under the hazy sky, relaxing tensions.

Woody notes are based on a complex of wood and resin, such as sandalwood, Pino, Santal, Vanilla. The woody fragrance can make people feel calm and reliable. The aroma is rich, and the fragrance time is relatively longer and more stable.

Fresh Notes based on the fragrance of green plants and herbs give people a natural and bright feeling. They are perfect for outdoor gatherings or casual occasions. The herbal fragrance from plants can make people feel free, just like the wilderness after the rain, rushing without losing the quiet, refreshing yet elegant.


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