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Countdown to the end of the Canton Fair. The "Live Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group ushered in the final sprint stage!

Company News 2021-04-24 180

On April 23, the 129th Canton Fair is coming to an end, but the"Live Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group is still very popular. Countless merchants come to visit our "Live Exhibition Hall"! Near the closing of the Canton Fair, each live stream attracted a large number of global merchants to watch and e negotiate online. There were a lot of good news.

In the live show room, there were the conversion of multiple scenes and multiple anchors professionally interpreting the exhibits; outside the live show room, merchants from all over the world watched the live stream simultaneously through the official website of the Canton Fair, the official website of AoGrand Group (aogrand.com/cantonfair), and platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Through the high-definition camera, global merchants had a deep understanding of the products of AoGrand's maternal and child line, household cleaning line, and household hygiene line, as well as the production strength of AoGrand Group.

With full enthusiasm and sincere service, the international business sales of AoGrand Group have been fighting in the live show room for 9 days. Although they are a little tired, they will still show up 200% of their passion to achieve new achievements at the final sprint stage!

This is the third time that AoGrand Group has participated in the "Online" Canton Fair. There is no scene of offline face-to-face conversations with foreign merchants, but new scenery appeared-continuous online real-time negotiation. Through new methods, our international business sales attracted new customers and learned more about the needs of the international market.

During the 129th Canton Fair, AoGrand Group also looks for global distribution partners for more cooperation.

There are a variety of reasons why to choose AoGrand Group as your global partner.

1. 7*24h, a team of one hundred of dedicated online customer service staffs;

2. Large discounts (zero deposit signing, more exclusive discounts);

3. Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system;

4. Exclusive BD in the local market (marketing staffs to help expand sub-agents) and full support of warehousing and logistics;

5. All-round support for advertising and marketing (including TV station advertising, various exquisite display stands, and free gifts of sales additional products).

More value-added rights and interests are still being added. You can visit the "Live Exhibition Hall" of AoGrand Group at this Canton Fair to learn more about Global Partnering policies and product information.

AoGrand Group, a new force in the global daily chemical industry, provides you with one-stop product service solutions!

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