CLEACE Brand Attracts More And More Caribbean Musinessmen

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  • 2019-05-13
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The Caribbean market is one of the main markets of AoGrand Group. The export business has maintained a great growth every year. In some countries, the market share is as high as 20%, ahead of other major international brands. In order to consolidate and increase the market share of the CLEACE brand, the AoGrand Group team develops more new CLEACE product series every year and showcases them to customers through exhibitions and official websites.

At the 125th Canton Fair, AoGrand Group displayed CLEACE brand series and the best-selling items, such as washing powder 500g, 1kg, dish washing liquid 600ml, hand washing 500ml, soap 85g and so on. The staff also recommended to customers the new products that AoGrand Group will launch to the market in 2019. Customers from the Caribbean market have expressed their interest and recognition of CLEACE's product quality and AoGrand's service. Customers came to the Canton Fair to communicate with the AoGrand Group about the current economic conditions in the Caribbean market, such as Bolivia, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago.

In the next six months, AoGrand Group obtained more feedback from the Caribbean market through face-to-face communication. At the same time, it also introduced the CLEACE brand's new sales policy and market development plan to its customers. The AoGrand Group will do everything possible to seek cooperation, build strong relationships, and increase mutual trust with customers in the Caribbean market.

Combining its own quality advantages, CLEACE has invested a lot of resources in independent research and development, and comprehensively upgraded the original CLEACE packaging from an innovative perspective, and developed more popular specifications, perfumes and Spanish packaging for the Caribbean market. In just six months, many detergent products of different specifications have entered mass production and gradually promoted in the Caribbean market, forming strategic cooperation with operators in many regions of the Caribbean.  

There are many well-known brands in the Caribbean market in 2019. And CLEACE is such a popular brand that they can be found in many cities. CLEACE has become a brand with continuous innovation, diversity and quality. CLEACE has set a new field in branding in the Caribbean market. Many customers from the Caribbean market seek and try to cooperate with the CLEACE brand of AoGrand Group to develop their own CLEACE product line.



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