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AoGrand Group's JOBY Brand Become Widely Known!

Company News 2020-12-28 135

On the afternoon of December 10th, Tmall and Taobao’s TOP anchor Lie Erbao conducted a special live broadcast of the treasure factory with the theme "High Quality as Major Brands & Fine Goods From Manufacturers". The "Treasure Factory", which gathered many domestic products of pride, was lifted the veil of mystery.

Cute Miao debuts! Lie Erbao picked the domestic products of pride

As the super recommender of the Treasure Factory, Lie Erbao is also known as "Treasure Sister". She can dig out hidden treasure products and insist on selecting high-quality, cost-effective and high-value treasures for buyers, so that more users can enjoy a more affordable and better life.

This time, Lie Erbao and the "Treasure Factory" - AoGrand Group, picked JOBY brand’s Cat-claw laundry gel beads to debut, bringing customers a new "cute" laundry experience!

Each one of the JOBY brand’s Cat-claw family laundry beads is extremely cute and in the shape of the cat's claw, as if a cat walks lightly, step by step, full of cute scene! A gel bead = laundry detergent + liquid + softener + fragrance oil + color crossing inhibitor, with 6 in 1 function to meet the needs of modern people for more efficient laundry. There are more four scents to choose from: Lady Sakura - for softness and protectiveness, Sir Breeze - for anti- and stain removing, Miss Alice - for deep cleaning, and Princess Peachy - for color retention and fragrance lasting.

Treasure Factory! Protects the health of thousands of families with strength and innovation

"Tmall Quality Selection·Treasure Factory" is the leading factory in the industry selected by Alibaba. It has strong production, research and development capacity. While providing consumers with products of the same quality as those of major brands, it can also eliminate ultra-high brand value of firstline brands, marketing promotion expenses, and intermediaries from a supply chain, bringing consumers high-quality and lower-priced products.

As a "Treasure Factory", AoGrand Group is a large daily chemical enterprise with a history of more than 20 years. After decades of channel cultivation, AoGrand has received many loyal users and has provided tens of thousands of households with hundreds of household health products such as personal care products, disinfecting cleaners, laundry detergent and fabric care products. AoGrand currently owns dozens of brands such as CLEACE, JOBY, BUBUBEAR, ARROW, MYSTIC ORCHARD, SUNING, JINLING, and so on.

In order to develop cleaning products that are more suitable for Chinese people's cleaning habits, AoGrand Group and Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine established a joint research and development center in this October, so as to further focus on product development and quality improvement, and empower continuous product upgrades.


In the same year, AoGrand Group became the largest exporter of instant hand sanitizer brand in China, and held a series of major events, which include advertising on worldly well-known landscapes of international metropolises, inviting Hai Qing as "JOBY" brand’s ambassador, and being awarded as Leading Enterprise in Jiangsu Province Daily Chemical Industry!

AoGrand’s products are available worldwide! AoGrand Group welcomes the tide of the times with a positive attitude

An has changed global business rules. The traditional distribution models have fallen into a recession, but digital operations have ushered in an outbreak, and new business formats such as live broadcasting have become normal.

During this period, AoGrand Group quickly adjusted its domestic market layout, strove hard to take root in the background of the big data era, and transformed to business model with integration of online and offline channels through digital operation and digital marketing management. The first channel was to quickly deploy e-commerce platforms. The second channel was to quickly seize new flow channels such as short videos and live broadcasts on major platforms, and trigger multiple lines and points to empower the brand and grow brand’s influence.

At present, AoGrand Group carries out industrial upgrading through modern production management, fully automated construction, and information operation. Under the lead of Tmall’s "Spring Thunder Project-Treasure Factory" project and the influence of the rising tide of domestic products, AoGrand will open up digital marketing channels, empower partners on all platforms, accelerate industrial layout, and facilitate the rapid development of new channels, new categories, and new brands. In the future, let the world witness China's “smart manufacturing”!


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