AoGrand fully supports Xi'an to help epidemic prevention and control!

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  • 2022-01-12
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In the past few days, the cases of COVID-19 have continued to appear in Shaanxi Province,which attracted the people across the country to pay attention to the severe epidemic situation. Once learning the news of the epidemic, AoGrand urgently prepared epidemic prevention and control materials to fully support Xi'an in fighting the epidemic.

On January 10, the materials donated by AoGrand and the brands --CLEACE,JOBY were finally delivered to Xi'an,fully supporting Xi'an in fighting the epidemic.

This anti-epidemic gift package with a total value of more than million yuan includes more than 30,000 pieces of disinfection materials such as JOBY 84 disinfectant, 75% alcohol wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizer,and CLEACE wipes,clothing disinfectant,instant hand sanitizer, etc., which can effectively kill the virus and bring the most solid and warm epidemic prevention protection to Xi'an in this cold winter.

Medical staffs are always be on the front line, working day and night in the most dangerous situation. In this love donation, AoGrand mainly donated to the medical staffs who are in short supply of front-line materials, and successively sent love and epidemic prevention materials to each health and medical institutions to set a protection.

As a national-level key epidemic prevention material production enterprise, AoGrand is well aware that the more critical the moment, the more responsible it is. In 2020,after the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Wuhan, AoGrand rushed to the front line of prevention and control for the first time, seized all the time to resume production, and increased the production of JOBY 84 disinfectant from 1,000 cases per day to 20,000 cases per day, fully supporting Wuhan in fighting the epidemic and and controlling the distribution of regional and national unified materials.

In 2021,Guangzhou, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Henan, Los Angeles, Southeast Asia, Xinjiang... In this battle against the epidemic,no matter where the epidemic occurs, AoGrand always be the first time to help, has donated ten million epidemic prevention materials and helped hundreds of areas of the world’s anti-epidemic work.

More materials mean less risk. Through this donation, AoGrand hopes to gather sparks, and join hands with Xi'an to overcome the deep winter , and to usher in the spring with our efforts.


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