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AoGrand Brand Day For Global Partnering Opportunities is coming!

Company News 2021-05-13 237

On 14, May 2021, “AoGrand Brand Day” is expected to kick off online from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. (15, May) Beijing time. In the live broadcast, AoGrand Group will provide clients with systematic solution services for global win-win cooperation.

‘‘AoGrand Brand Day’’ is aimed at seeking win-win global partnership with several incredible benefits tailored for future partners. In addition, 'AoGrand Brand Day ’’will focus on active real-time interaction with audience in order to achieve a perfect fit with client’s needs and our benefits.

Except partnering benefits, AoGrand Group will also display our powerful strengths, mainly reflected in capacity, R&D, quality control, etc, and showcase our products in a muti-form way.

As the new force of global daily chemical industry, AoGrand Group is devoted to providing one-stop product and service solutions with advanced technology and prominent capacity for over 20 years.

With 9 major brands including CLEACE, JOBY, BUBUBEAR, MYSTIC, IWASH, ARROW, AoGrand Group has specialized in household products, prevention and disinfection, family health, artistic life clothing cleaning, etc.

In the “AoGrand Brand Day”, AoGrand Group will provide a variety of extra benefits for audiences who attend the live broadcast and introduce some incredible benefits in the form of Q&A, loop and explanation. These attractive benefits and supports include deep discounts and preferential policies, ranging from order, transportation to marketing.

Our benefits are more than these:

Minimum 5000USD Capital

MOQ From 100 Cartons

Promotional Gifts

7 Days Delivery Time

Marketing Support


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