New Life·New World | 2021 Brand Partner Summit

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  • 2021-12-23
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On December 27, the "New Life·New World" AoGrand Group's 2021 Brand Partner Summit is about to start.At that time,Top Private Domain Traffic Figures, representatives of outstanding brand partners, AoGrand president and department executives will all be present to participate in the grand event, to start AoGrand's new journey in 2022, and draw a new blueprint for the cause!

With the head brand’s leading ,all brands develop in the sea

Making creation with keep correction! As the warm spring comes, AoGrand looks forward to new markets, makes unremitting efforts to become the main force in the global daily chemical industry, and tries to achieve the goal of new global daily chemical forces!

It is worth mentioning that at this summit, there will be nearly a hundred new products of Cleace, Joby, Xtraclean, unico, and BuBuBear, and it means that AoGrand has officially entered the era of rich brands!

In the future, AoGrand will continue to increase its research and development efforts on high-end products,maintain strong market competitiveness by relying on product high-performance parameters and technical thresholds, while accelerating product sampling speed and product delivery capabilities, etc.!

AoGrand will also officially embark on the road of Brand Remodeling and Sublimation, and move fast toward the goal of "new life·new world"!

Top Private Domain Traffic Figures,exploring the new trend of traffic

In the post-epidemic era, New Community Retail Model has quietly integrated into the daily life, changing people's production and lifestyle directly and profoundly.

At the summit, the Top Private Domain Traffic Figure will share content including official platform policy interpretation, brand private domain practice cases, solving brand public domain orders and guiding private domains and insights on private domain trends in 2022, and focus on the frontiers of business and explore new point of traffic growth. To help companies and partners to break and innovate , and jointly promote the new development of the industry!

Thoughts collide and enthusiasm overflows!In addition to the plenty of private domain marketing knowledge , there will also be a series of interactive sessions, and the mysterious prize is waiting for you!

Announcement of preferential policies --helping brand partners to maximize profits

For the reason about choosing AoGrand, on the one hand, because of brand partners’ high recognition of the company's past achievements.On the other hand, because of their solemn expectations for the future, as well as their trust to the group. Based on this, AoGrand will commend and reward the partners who have made outstanding contributions to the brand, and there are dozens of Marriott gifts will be presented on the spot, to thanks for the dedicated company along the way!

At the same time, AoGrand also tailors a series of favorable policies for brand partners, and establishes the marketing goal to help partners maximize sales and profits. From investment skills to product strategy and payment policy, AoGrand provides precise assistance to escort brand partners!

AoGrand hopes that every partner can work together to help the development of the group and the brand image, and further enhance the weight of AoGrand in the market!

Based on China, facing the world. AoGrand will uphold its consistent perseverance and forge ahead, continue to broaden its competitiveness in the industry, and deliver corporate values and attitudes to the world.

Based in China, facing the world. AoGrand will adhere to the consistent and progressive spirit, continue to broaden its competitiveness in the industry, and transmit the corporate values and attitudes to the world.

Join AoGrand , join hands in a new journey, cross the new era.

Annual Summit--- the opportunity is not to be missed!

12.27 AoGrand Nanjing headquarter

Invite you to participate!


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