Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

We have our own factory in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

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Product: Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer Packaging And Shipping: Accept sea and air freight
MOQ: 1 container Origin: Nanjing, China
Main Ingredients: 75% Ethyl Alcohol  (Food Grade) OEM/ODM Service: Yes
Registrations: CE; NPN; MSDS... Net Weight: 29ML

The Portable small alcohol hand sanitizer comes from AoGrand Group, AoGrand is a Chinese multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu, originally founded in 2001. It specializes in a wide range of personal health/consumer health, and personal care and hygiene products; these products are organized into several segments including Disinfection; Beauty; Grooming; Health Care; Fabric & Home Care; and Baby, Feminine, & Family Care. AoGrand is incorporated in Nanjing, Jiangsu.

Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

75% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

The hand sanitizer with the function of cleaning, moisturzing and disinfecting, without water, is very convenient to clean and disinfect hands quickly.

Medical Alcohol:

Core ingredient 75% medical alcohol High sterilization rate


Effective prevention of E.coli, influenza virus and and other


Transparent gelatin texture and glycerol inactive.

Ingredients, 5 seconds quick drying technology, refreshing, moisturizing, non-toxic formula, can directly contact with food after use, disinfection experience faster and more environmental friendly.

Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

6 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Factory Capacity

Professional automated production equipment, daily production capacity of 1.5 million bottles of water-free hand sanitizer.


20 years of professional technology strength and quality assurance in daily chemical industry can be trusted to provide OEM/ODM services.

3.International Certificates

Internation certificates CE,, MSDS, , ISO9001, ISO14001

4.Factory Strength

After 20 years' growth, the company owns several factories that cover over 70000m² for daily use in the head quarter including mosquito coil factory, aerosol factory, soap factory, detergent factory and a factory for household paper products. And the company also holds a washing powder/detergent factory and a factory for baby diapers.

5.R&D Lab and Testing Center

We have a professional R&D Lab and testing center for your special requirements, We have our own professional engineers, lab instruments and rich knowledge for our products.

6.Strict Quality Management Center

According to international standards, we standardize each manufacturing process to ensure products conforming to delivery requirements from quality checking, manufacturing process controlling, packing and finished products storage. We follow and supervise manufacturing processes precisely and strictly.

Portable Small Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

Company Profile

The King of Hand Sanitizer

Food grade alcohol formula. More than three million bottles hand sanitizer can be produced every day.

Globalization of Trade

Our products are exported to more than 100 countries. We are looking for global distributors to join us.

Multiple Certifications

Complete product qualifications including CE, MSDS, SGS, ISO9001 certificates.

400+ Products

More than 400 kinds of products, complete specifications, acceptable for LCL demand.

24 Hours Service

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at any time, we will be at your service 24/7.

20 Years of Experience

20 years of manufacturing experience, we have strong production capacity.

Cooperative Partner


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