Analysis of the development prospects of China's mosquito coil market

China is a big country in the world that produces, uses, and exports mosquito coils. After years of rapid development, China’s mosquito coil industry has


2021 07/23

Development prospects of China's sanitary pesticide industry

With economic development, technological progress, market activity, and management standards, the environment for the development of sanitary insecticides is ge


2021 07/22

News, the winery turned to produce hand sanitizer

With the outbreak of and the scarcity of disinfectant products, many liquor manufacturers are making and distributing hand sanitizers. According to stat


2021 06/02

Washing hands is not a trivial matter, take it seriously

Although washing hands may seem like a trivial matter, there are many misunderstandings in the process of doing this trivial matter well.

Misunderstanding 1:


2021 05/24

Expert: Not all hand sanitizers are effective against

Experts worry that many people do not realize that the instant hand sanitizer they use may be ineffective, especially in preventing the spread of the virus. Ex


2021 05/17

Unlock the correct disinfection method

Alcohol hand sanitizer and other disinfectants have become the top priority of people's daily purchases. For many people, it is safe to use alcohol hand san


2021 05/08

Disinfecting hand sanitizer has become an explosive product, and many brands have begun cross-border production

For many brands trying to develop hand sanitizer business, a person in the daily chemical industry said that due to the insufficient supply of raw materials, la


2021 05/08

What are the alternatives to 75% ethanol

Currently on the market, 84 disinfectant and 75% ethanol disinfectant are in short supply. Are there any other alternative products?

Some people think of high


2021 04/22

Some questions about alcohol disinfection spray

Why can alcohol be used for disinfection?Alcohol (ethanol) is one of the commonly used disinfectants in medicine and the most widely used disinfectant. It is s


2021 04/20

75% Alcohol Is Effective Against The Virus, But The Method Of Use Will Affect The Sterilization Effect

With the emergence of the news that " are afraid of alcohol", medical alcohol was robbed in many places until it was out of stock, but there were also ne


2021 03/23

Sanitizer Companies Share For Factory Sanitization

New Year 2021 has just passed, and various industries and many factories have started construction, but the current health situation is still very tense. How to


2021 02/24

Looking For A Reliable Sanitization Manufacturer

We have also been looking for a mini hand sanitizer spray manufacturers in china with reliable quality and stable supply to share with you. After a few twists a


2021 02/22

How About Sanitizing Company In Malaysia

As we all know, Malaysia is a developing country with a tourism economy as its economic pillar. It has a large population. disease control and disinf


2021 02/08

Third Party Distributor Instant Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Before the emergence of third party sanitizer manufacturer, the supply of disinfectants was mainly independently developed and supplied to the market by governm


2021 02/05

All Indian Companies Who Makes Sanitizer

According to relevant Indian websites, the Indian government has imposed a price cap on all indian companies who makes sanitizer after declaring disinfectants a


2021 02/04

The Most Popular Product For Sanitizer Importers

If you want to ask which product is the most popular for sanitizer importer, it must be a disposable gel hand sanitizer. The main bactericidal component of the


2021 02/01

How To Choose A Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Different industries have different requirements for the selection of hand sanitizer manufacturers. The selection of manufacturers should be based on the specia


2021 01/27

What Is It Like In The Hand Sanitizer Production Factory?

I bet you must have thought about how hand sanitizer is made, or want to visit the hand sanitizer factory

The first thing you should known is the hand sanitiz


2021 01/26

Can alcohol hand sanitizer be stored for a long time?

In fact, hand sanitizer does have an expiration date required by the Food and Drug Association () regulations. But can the hand sanitizer be used even if it


2021 01/25

Why is there a shortage of hand sanitizer? How Manufacturers Cope With Supply Shortages

Imagine that you are walking down the aisle of a grocery store, many shelves are empty with "out of stock" notice boards, especially the shelves of hand sanitiz


2021 01/24

How To Export Hand Sanitizer

At the moment of the , governments of various countries advocate washing hands frequently as a better way to fight infection and prevent the spread of t


2021 01/22

Some Safety Issues About Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

With the strengthening of people's awareness of personal hygiene, Alcohol hand sanitizer has become a common place in many people's homes. Among this da


2021 01/21


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