Zika Is More Dangerous Than We Thought

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Brazilian scientists say Zika may be more dangerous than previously thought.

Scientists say Zika could cause more neurological problems and affect the fetus of a fifth of pregnant women, the BBC reported.

The Zika outbreak in some endemic areas of Brazil has been alleviated by the spread of knowledge, but the development of vaccines is still in its infancy, and Zika continues to spread.


Doctors in Brazil have noted that many newborns born to pregnant women do not appear to have obvious symptoms such as microcephaly.

While this may not have the same effect on newborn growth, the frequency is alarming. Rio DE Janeiro’s senior obstetrician and obstetrician Dr. Lennatosa said the symptoms noted now include calcification of the spine, enlargement of the bone marrow cavity, and the destruction or deformity of the back end of the brain.

What worries doctors, he says, is that these are symptoms that can’t be seen and that seizures can occur when children grow up.

The number of cases of middle-class pregnant women infected with Zika Virus and related cases of microcephaly has been reduced, Dr. Renatorsa said.

But in poor parts of Brazil, the fight against Zika has not been so successful. Residents in poor areas say the campaign to prevent Zika has not covered them. As a result, local residents have insufficient knowledge of the Zika Virus to form a loophole.

On the other hand, vaccines have not been developed for Zika. Therefore, reducing the source of Zika Virus infection (removing and modifying breeding ground) and reducing the contact between mosquitoes and humans can reduce the occurrence of infection.

The following measures are recommended: use mosquito repellent products; Wear clothes that cover every part of your body as much as possible, preferably light colored. Use gauze screen, door and window close the physical barrier; Sleep in the mosquito net. What is more important is to remove the containers that may hold water, such as buckets, flowerpots, or car tires, to keep them clean or covered, to remove the environment that allows mosquitoes to breed.


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