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For wine lovers, it is often the case that the wine is dripped on the clothes. But if not handled in time, the stain will be difficult to remove, leaving an ugly and embarrassing mark. As one of the best washing powder offers, here are a few tips for you to remove different wine stains from your clothes:

Wine stains


1. Red wine stain part of the dress in about 60 ℃ hot water, after a moment, then sprinkle with alkali powder and a small amount of washing powder, use hand rub. After that, rinse with water and rinse with detergent to remove the wine stains.

2. After soaking the stain with shampoo, dilute the white vinegar with water and gently scrub with the brush with the white vinegar. The stain can be removed.

3. “Take the poison” by gently wiping the wine on your clothes with a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove the dirt.

4. Red wine stain on the dress with cold water after, apply some ointment, apply a small amount of soap gently friction, can purify besmirch, if there are still stubborn stains, then use alcohol to clean it.

Beer stains


If beer down on clothes, will form the hazel, has a strong smell of besmirch, to clean the beer stains, be careful not to use any soap or detergent, lest make beer stains to finalize the design, the new catch stains such as conditions permit, shall be immediately into the clean water and rub off.

1. Beer stains of cleaning can’t the first time, we can spray a little on the stain of shaving cream, gently with the toothbrush will bubble brush gold fibers, with a clean cloth wipe off excess foam, reoccupy dips in the cold water in the sponge besmirch wipe clean can.

2. To dissolve 1 cup of water, 1 TBSP enzymatic laundry detergent, daub in besmirch place, with the kitchen paper towel or laundry washed out water imbibition of white cloth, reoccupy clear water to rinse clean laundry detergent, final reoccupy clothes can withstand high-temperature washing, can wash the beer stain from his clothes.

White wine stains


Yes, liquor descend on clothes after can form depth range, rounded stain, and if the dress to white wine, should be the first time for processing, and just like beer stains, don’t use any soap washing, lest gets to finalize the design.

1. Deal with white wine stains. Use baking soda and warm water to make a paste of 1:3, apply it to the stain and place it on the stain. After the baking soda is naturally dry, brush the powder with a toothbrush.

2. Spray some pre-lotion on the white wine stain on your clothes and let it sit for 5 minutes. Put the clothes in the washing machine and wash with the enzyme laundry detergent.


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