What is Hand Washing Liquid?

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Hand washing liquid has become an indispensable household cleaning product in life, and even children know to wash their hands with hand washing liquid before meals. I’d like to introduce our hand washing liquid today.

Hand washing liquid is an essential cleaning product in life, and it has increasingly replaced the use of soap, whether in public or at home. Hand washing liquids are usually made up of water, alcohol, essence, and glycerin, and alcohol is the main antiseptic ingredient. However, fake products are washed and the opponent’s skin is more damaged. Therefore, we must recognize the brand, focus on quality and resist counterfeiting.


The main function of hand washing liquid is to clean and protect skin. Some specific ingredients can be sterilized and sterilized, such as e. Coli. Hand washing liquid is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, alkyl benzene sulfonate, etc., the principle of gentle decontamination is easy to be accepted by the skin. Hand washing liquid is mainly divided into three categories, one type is common hand washing liquid, one kind belongs to the disinfectant product, the other special kind belongs to heavy oil dirty hand washing liquid.

Hand washing liquid is mainly composed of water and surfactant, components typically contain pure glycerin, aloe, seabuckthorn oil, vitamin C and other natural plant ingredients, the main function is to play the role of clean skin, some specific ingredients can have the effect of disinfection, sterilization, such as e. Coli.

To remove dirt, sterilization is the main purpose of hand washing. And hand washing liquid can meet its bactericidal effect because in most hand washing liquids contain alcohol, alcohol can’t effectively remove some of the small aperture dirt in the skin, such as dust, dirt, blood, etc., so, once infected with such filth, is not enough to only use hand washing liquid. You can see that the use of hand washing liquid is to remove the dirt first. Therefore, wash your hands with soap instead of using hand washing liquid. In fact, going to the hospital will find that many doctors use soap to wash their hands, not because the soap is cheap.

Hand washing liquid can only serve as the reserve army of soap, the best way to wash your hands is to remove the dirt with soap first and then use hand washing liquid. When using hand washing liquid, also is not the more the better, every time when used according to the drop is enough, after the hand rub repeatedly, to irrigate with flowing water for 15 seconds or more, so you can put hand washing liquid thoroughly cleaned. While a lot of Hand washing liquid contains skin care ingredients, washing your hands frequently during dry winter can still lead to dry hand skin, so apply a special moisturizing hand cream after washing your hands.

Other bacteria, such as pseudomonas aeruginosin, can cause great harm to human beings. If the product exceeds the warranty period or USES the banned ingredient, it is best not to use it. Also, observe liquid soap for layered or oil-water separation phenomenon, if yes, suggests that production enterprises in the production process without good control emulsification process, will affect the washing effect, also had better not use.


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