Washing Powder Production Process

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Main ingredients are sodium dodecyl sulfate or sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid, molecular formula:

C12H25 – (C6H4) – SO3Na, also other enzymes, surfactants, detergent, stabilizing agent, dispersing agent, a whitening agent, essence, etc.

Without phosphorus detergent powder is mainly composed of the following ingredients (weight percentage) :

10-30% surfactant, additive 20-40%, 3-6% oxidant, builder 10-20%, citric acid sodium 5-20% sodium carbonate, sodium disilicate 5-20%.


Production process:

puffing detergent: raw material mix – puffing powder mixed in proportion:

50%, mixed evenly, 20 mesh sieve, bagging spray drying: sulfonic acid reaction with caustic soda, additive, essence, spray drying, (add sulfonic acid), bagging working process and principle of users to various materials required for the production of washing powder, soap powder, through metering device measurement according to the technical requirement of all kinds of powder materials, to join in the mixer, after mixing the elevator to the raw material powder, the powder measurement instrument measurement into the granulator, after being involved into the strong annular turbulent and at the same time by the blender mixing acid and nonionic mixture, high pressure atomized by metering pump type granulator, so after fully dispersed, powder evenly adsorbed on the droplet, increase as the number of mixed liquid, wet particles in a turbulent together and its size also gradually increases, when the polymer space along a spiral path through the bottom of the barrel to the discharging mouth, has been continuously carrying on the granulation effect.


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