Washing Powder Is Helpful for House Cleaning

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Household cleaning is necessary for daily life. As we know, washing powder is the standard of modern life. How can we clean the house with washing powder properly?


1. White stains on the surface of the furniture: the white furniture in the home is very easy to dirty, only use the cloth to wipe stain, might as well be toothpaste squeezed in a clean dishcloth, gently only, the stain on the furniture will be removed. But don’t try too hard to avoid hurting the paint.

2. The corners of the room or the seams of the carpet and the wall: it is the most difficult corner to clean, it is very easy to produce mildew, and try to clean it with an old toothbrush. If encounter more stubborn dirt, can use toothbrush to dip in detergent brush to divide, then wipe clean with water, keep dry can.

3. The screen window is clean: the screen window is covered with dust, most of when we clean, it is to remove the screen window and wash with water. Tell you a you don’t have to remove the screen window will be a good way to clean very clean screen window: will waste newspapers with wet cloth, and then after wet paper stick on the back of the screen, after waiting for five minutes, the newspaper on the screen window off, you will find that damp stain stick full of dust on the screen in the newspaper.

4. Wipe the table and chairs: soak a soft cloth in cool, thick tea water and use it to clean furniture such as tables and chairs, which can make furniture shiny and new.

5. Glass: wipe the glass with a wet cloth first, then touch the white wine with clean wet cloth and rub it on the glass slightly. After cleaning, the glass was clean and bright.


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